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Hor Mok (ห่อหมก) – Thai Curried Fish Custard

  I love all types of curry – with or without coconut milk, curry soup dish or dry curry dish, and Hor Mok is one of my favorite curry dishes. ห่อหมก Hor Mok is Western-style fish mousse flavored with curry paste and thickened with coconut cream as opposed to cream. Also, instead of being formed […]

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พริกน้ำปลา Prik Nam Pla

I post a photo of the classic Thai condiment you always find on a Thai dining table, and a question on my Facebook page, and may people asked for the recipe. It was the photo of Thai chilies and fish sauce or Thai people call it  พริกน้ำปลา /prík náam bplaa/ or น้ำปลาพริก / náam bplaa […]

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Pineapple fried rice and a Thai proverb

Pineapple is widely available in Thailand all year around. I like to eat it both fresh and make a smoothie out of it. There is also one pineapple dish I really like.  It is called ข้าวผัดสับปะรด /kâao pàd sàb-bpà-rót/ or Pineapple Fried Rice. Here  are the ingredients in case you are interested to cook it yourselves:) […]

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Naem Nueng (แหนมเนือง)

  On the way back to Bangkok from my holiday in Laos, I stopped by at Udon Thani province in North-eastern Thailand and bought their most famous food ‘naem nueng’ back home. Naem Nueng (แหนมเนือง /năeme nueang/) is Vietnamese style meatballs that are wrapped in rice paper and served with a generous platter of fresh herbs and […]

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Mod & Pear

How to Order a Thai Noodle Soup Dish

How to order noodles There are a variety of noodle dishes available in Thailand ranging between dry dishes and soup dishes. They are widely available everywhere in the Kingdom. It can be considered the Fast Food of choice for the majority of Thai people. I want to talk about how to order noodle dishes in […]

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Salty Duck Eggs ( Kai Kem )

Sawatdee ka, My mom bought me a box of  souvenirs when she came to visit me a few weeks ago. When I opened the box I saw these strange looking things. (more…)

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Kanom Jeen

  This weekend I am visiting my parents in Nakhon Si Thammarat in Southern Thailand. Every time I come to my hometown I make sure to eat the signature dish of  Nakhon Si Thammarat. This dish is called Kanom Jeen [ขนมจีน] (more…)

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Stir-Fried Chinese Water Morning Glory – Pad Pak Bung Fai Daeng (ผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง)

Sawatdee ka, I am a big meat eater, I don’t think I can become a vegetarian but like they say ‘you never know’.  Anyway, for now I always have to have some kind of meat in my meal, I don’t like to eat only vegetable but one dish I can just eat it on its own […]

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Thai tea drinks

Sawatdee ka, Last month I shared the recipe for the famous “Thai iced tea” my mom taught me. For those who don’t like milk, there are other cold Thai tea drinks you might like to try. 1. Dark Thai iced tea [ชาดำเย็น : Cha Dam Yen]  is Thai tea served chilled with no milk content, sweetened with sugar only. […]

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ข้าวหลาม Khao Lam (Sticky rice in bamboo)

Sawatdee ka,   You all know that Thai people eat rice as a main dish, we have a lot of rice dishes. Did you know that we also eat rice from the bamboo? My parents came to visit me and they bought me Khao Lam (ข้าวหลาม: kâao lăam) which is actually a Thai dessert. Khao Lam is sticky […]

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Thai Iced Tea Recipe

  I love to drink Thai iced tea or what Thai people call it “Chaa Yen” (ชาเย็น). It has a unique flavor, creamy and sweet with rich aroma. My mom came to visit me last week so I asked her to teach me how to make it. It is actually very easy! Let’s have a look at […]

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My Top 10 favorite place to eat in Sukhumvit

Sawatdee ka, I was browsing the internet and found the CNNGo’s article Top tourist destinations for 2012, and Bangkok is ranked third in their list of cool places around the world! I am happy to know that people like my city, so I thought I wanted to share something. I think one of the biggest questions […]

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Khao Chae

Khao Chae: A Cooling Thai Summer Treat

Sawatdee ka, April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand, and in the old times when the refrigeration did not exist, eating the rice with Jasmine and candle fume scented water was the way to cool down the body temperature. ข้าวแช่ [kâao châe] is the name of this dish. Almost 200 something years ago ( […]

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My favourite herbal drink

Sawatdee ka, It is hot,hot, hot. I have to refresh myself with all kind of drinks. One of my favourite drinks is น้ำเก๊กฮวย [náam gék huai] ‘ Chrysanthemum Drink’. It can be found easily everywhere in Thailand. It is actually my childhood drink. After school, I always stopped by at a pharmacy where they had this […]

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My summer drink

Sawatdee ka, It is summer in Thailand. I know… it is almost hot all year round here anyway, but it is getting hotter everyday. I think it was 36 or 37 degree Celsius today. Your body dehydrates a lot in the heat like this. I usually like to drink coconut juice, but now I feel like it […]

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Thai Southern Sour Curry

Sawatdee ka, Thai Sour Curry or Gaeng Som แกงส้ม is my family’s favorite Southern dish.  We loved it so much that it was served at least twice a week.  After I finish my meal I can even drink the curry source on its own. (more…)

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One of my favourite Thai food – Green Chicken Curry

Sawatdee ka, Today I had some free time to cook myself a quick lunch. I got some very good green curry from my hometown (it is Nakhon Si Thammarat in case you are wondering) so I decided to cook Green Chicken Curry. It is one of my favourite Thai food and perhaps the most popular of […]

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Unusual Thai Food

Sawatdee ka, Last Sunday I walked around my neighborhood on Chareon Krung road looking for something new to eat. I found a Thai-Muslim restaurant on the corner of Chareon Krung and Silom road. This restaurant is founded by a well-known Bang Rak market goat butcher. One of my favourite Muslim dishes is ‘goat biryani’ (ข้าวหมกแพะ), and I […]

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Thai Iced Tea – one of the World’s 50 most delicious drinks

Sawatdee ka, I found the  article ‘World’s 50 most delicious drinks’ on and I was    happy to know that one of my favorite drinks is on the list. “Thai Iced Tea” got 27th rank. Thai people call it ชาเย็น [chaa yen] CNNGo says that “the best tea is served in a plastic bag from street […]

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Mod’s food recommendation: Thai Hot Pot (Jim Jum)

A fantastic way to relax over dinner with a few friends. A small clay pot filled with an outstanding aromatic broth sits over a bed of charcoal. There are raw morning glory , cabbage , thin sliced meats (usually pork, beef and liver), beaten eggs, glass noodles, and the all important holy Thai basil. This […]

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