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Learn Thai with Kitties

Sawatdee ka, Everyone in my family is a cat lover. Before there were four cats at my mom’s house, and two mama cats have just given birth to nine kitties so now we have 13 cats! I would like to share a photo of these nine kitties with you because they are so adorable!! (more…)

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VIDEO: Learn Different Ways to Say Good Night in Thai

Sawatdee ka, There are many ways to say good night in Thai. Below are expressions that are commonly used. (more…)

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Thai Southern Sour Curry

Sawatdee ka, Thai Sour Curry or Gaeng Som แกงส้ม is my family’s favorite Southern dish.  We loved it so much that it was served at least twice a week.  After I finish my meal I can even drink the curry source on its own. (more…)

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ฺฺBangkok’s Biggest Burger!!

Sawatdee ka, Thai food is my favorite food, but sometimes I want to have something heavy that keeps my tummy full for days as well. LOL (more…)

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The Animal Thais Dislike

Sawatdee ka, I went to Lumpini park today and spotted this reptile. Many Thai people have a superstiton that if you see this animal, bad luck will come to you. I remember when I was a kid and there were few of these reptiles in my school’s pond. Whenever my friends and I saw it we would scream […]

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The Lungs of Bangkok – Rotfai park

Sawatdee ka, I think many tourists know the local weekend market, Jatujak (จตุจักร), but I am not sure if  many people are aware of a beautiful park near the market. Thai People call this park “Rotfai Park” (สวนรถไฟ) or the official name is “Wachirabenchatat park”  (สวนวชิรเบญจทัศ). I love going to a park in the late […]

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One of my favourite Thai food – Green Chicken Curry

Sawatdee ka, Today I had some free time to cook myself a quick lunch. I got some very good green curry from my hometown (it is Nakhon Si Thammarat in case you are wondering) so I decided to cook Green Chicken Curry. It is one of my favourite Thai food and perhaps the most popular of […]

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The World’s Longest Kiss Competition

Sawatdee ka, Early this evening I saw the news about this competition on TV, so I searched more information on the internet and found out that… The “World’s Longest Kiss… Returns” competition is being held from 12-14 February 2012 in Pattaya. The aim is to break the Guiness World Records of longer than 46 hours. […]

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VIDEO: Fun Thai Slang

Sawatdee ka, Let’s learn a common used Thai slang. The word in the video is มันส์ (mun) which means  fun and exciting. More example for the use of the word มันส์ (mun); –  หนังเรื่อง Iron man 2 มันส์มาก [Năng rûeng Iron Man 2 mun mâak] The movie Iron man 2 is great fun and exciting. – […]

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