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My impression of Thai boxing

I started Thai boxing aka Muay Thai (มวยไทย) training recently. It is the best sport I have tried so far. It doesn’t only give positive results the physical aspects; it also helps to gain a sense of inner strength, emotional balance, and creates a strong mind. Muay Thai is a form of hard martial art […]

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Top 10 most Common Thai nicknames, and some weird ones

Sawatdee ka, I got a question from one of my YouTube viewers asking what my nickname ‘Mod’ means, so I post this question on my Facebook page and received a few more questions regarding nicknames. A few people would like to know the most common Thai nicknames, so I searched for it and found “Top […]

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Sunthorn Phu Day (วันสุนทรภู่)

  June 26th of every year is celebrated in Thailand as Sunthorn Phu day (วันสุทรภู่). Sunthorn Phu is Thailand’s best-known royal poet in Rattanakosin era (สมัยรัตนโกสินทร์) in the reign of King Rama II. Every Thai student has to learn his poem at school. On Sunthorn Phu day, the students take part in writing competitions and listen […]

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VIDEO : Relationship

  This lesson you will learn new words related to relationship. My brother’s girlfriend is sulking, and he wants to find a way to make it up to her. Dialogue  MINK : Mod, tam yang-ngai dii à? มด ทำไงดีอ่ะ                What should I do? dtawn-níi nóng Gúk-Gài káo ngawn […]

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VIDEO : Telling the Time

  For beginners, it is not complicated to tell time in Thai, take your time to go through this lesson with me. Those who are not beginners, I hope you find this lesson a good revision : )   Key expressions used the the role play: 1. นาฬิกาตาย /naa-lí-gaa dtaai/   The watch is broken. […]

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VIDEO: Three Ultimate Guides to Speaking Like a Thai

Thai sentence structure: The structure of Thai statements is like English: Subject + verb + Object I want to go to Phuket. ผมอยากไปภูเก็ต /pŏm yàak bpai Phuket/   To form negative statement, the word ไม่ /mâi/ is used to negate the verb James doesn’t like to watch T.V. เจมส์ไม่ชอบดูทีวี /James mâi châwp duu tii-wii/   Noun […]

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