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Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Kradueng National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติภูกระดึง), located in the Phu Kradueng mountain area in Loei Province. It is one of the most famous national parks of Thailand, with a high point of 1316 m (4318 ft) above sea level. Every year tens of thousands of people come to make the climb up this famous mountain. Pu […]

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Understand Thai Pronouns for “I”

Sawatdee ka, I have been asked many times regarding pronouns. It seems to be a simple thing, but somehow Thai pronouns are a little bit complicated since they are so many words to use. Today I would like to talk about the pronouns “I” which vary on age, social status, gender, the relationship between speakers, […]

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My favourite herbal drink

Sawatdee ka, It is hot,hot, hot. I have to refresh myself with all kind of drinks. One of my favourite drinks is น้ำเก๊กฮวย [náam gék huai] ‘ Chrysanthemum Drink’. It can be found easily everywhere in Thailand. It is actually my childhood drink. After school, I always stopped by at a pharmacy where they had this […]

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My summer drink

Sawatdee ka, It is summer in Thailand. I know… it is almost hot all year round here anyway, but it is getting hotter everyday. I think it was 36 or 37 degree Celsius today. Your body dehydrates a lot in the heat like this. I usually like to drink coconut juice, but now I feel like it […]

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The Sanctuary of Truth

Sawatdee ka, Last weekend I wanted to get away from Bangkok so I decided to go to Pattaya because it is only 1.5 hours away from Bangkok. Pattaya is very famous for its nightlife but this doesn’t mean that you have nowhere to go during the day. Pattaya has many daytime attractions. I searched in […]

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Learn useful Thai words from Thai ad

Sawatdee ka, This ad from Oriental Princess is interesting in my opinion. It is encouraging women to see the value in themselves. We can also learn many useful words from this clip, especially  one question word that is being repeated throughout the clip. From the video, there are 20 questions being asked. The questions are […]

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