My summer drink

Sawatdee ka,

It is summer in Thailand. I know… it is almost hot all year round here anyway, but it is getting hotter everyday. I think it was 36 or 37 degree Celsius today. Your body dehydrates a lot in the heat like this. I usually like to drink coconut juice, but now I feel like it is not enough. I need something super refreshing, and I am happy I found it. It is  ” Iced Lychee Tea (ชาลิ้นจี่เย็น)” . It is my new favorite summer drink!

ชา [chaa] = tea

ลิ้นจี่ [lín-jìi] = lychee

เย็น [yen] = cold

ชาลิ้นจี่เย็น [chaa lín-jìi yen] = iced lychee tea

What is you favourite summer drink?



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