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Some Do’s and Don’ts for Thailand

Sawatdee ka, Recently I  have got questions about this topic from newbies coming to Thailand. I thought I would write about it, so we can share a little bit of Thai culture to everyone. I have some foreign friends living in Thailand, and heard some of their misbehavior to Thai people’s eyes.  We were talking and […]

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Elephant Polo in Thailand

Elephant Polo: The Biggest, Weirdest, Slowest, and Most Expensive Game in Thailand Yes, before you ask, elephant polo is played on the back of an elephant. The price tags associated with elephant polo are massive as the elephants themselves. The only thing small about elephant polo is the circuit on which it is played. It […]

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Learn to greet like a real Thai!

Sawatdee ka, Of course! you know how to say Sa-baai dee mai? [How are you?]. Did you know that we actually use another expression more often than that? Check out what it is.

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Wat Arun “the Temple of Dawn”

Sawatdee ka, Today I took a boat along the Chao Praya River to a market in Nontaburi province. I passed Wat Arun (วัดอรุณ) or the Temple of Dawn, and I couldn’t help myself take a photo of this beautiful temple as if I was a tourist seeing it for the first time. Wat Arun is […]

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Learn Thai – verb to like

Sawatdee ka, Let’s learn a useful and easy verb. Learn to say I like you!, I like reading books etc. Enjoy!

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