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20 Words with Mai Muan ใ

The /ai/ sound in Thai have two forms; 1. ใ  is called สระไอไม้ม้วน  /sà-rà ai máai mûan/ 2. ไ is called สระไอไม้มลาย /sà-rà ai máai má-laai/ Those who have just started to read and write Thai language might get confused when to use ใ or ไ . The good news is there are only 20 words […]

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The Full Name of Bangkok

The real name of Bangkok is the longest city name on Earth. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the largest city in the kingdom. Thai people don’t call this city Bangkok, it is commonly called in Thai กรุงเทพมหานคร “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon”, or just กรุงเทพฯ “Krung Thep”. When the King Rama I (The founder […]

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Learn Thai – Passive Voice

In Thai language, passive voice sentences  are used in the bad circumstances  only. For example;  she was deceived, the thief was arrested. etc. The pattern  of passive voice sentence  is: the action reciever  + ถูก  /tùuk/ + the doer + verb or        the action reciever + โดน  /doan/ + the doer + verb (more…)

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Thai National Labor Day

Thai National Labor Day in Thai language is วันแรงงานแห่งชาติ /wan raeng ngaan hàeng châad/. The Thai government declared May 1 as National Labor Day in 1935 (30 เมษายน 2499) . It is a public holiday, and as such government businesses and banks will be closed. Employees are given a day off to celebrate this occasion.     Learn Thai with Mod’s key points: […]

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VIDEO: Learn Thai – How Many?

I suggest you to review the previous one first then study this one, that would help you understand this lesson quicker : ) Review the previous lesson – How to use classifier when counting   HOW MANY? Pattern : noun + กี่ gìi + classifier (more…)

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