My Top 10 favorite place to eat in Sukhumvit

Sawatdee ka,

I was browsing the internet and found the CNNGo’s article Top tourist destinations for 2012, and Bangkok is ranked third in their list of cool places around the world! I am happy to know that people like my city, so I thought I wanted to share something.

I think one of the biggest questions that comes up almost every day is ‘where to eat? and what to eat?’, am I right? lol So, I’ll start with my Top 10 place to eat in Sukhumvit.

Sukhumvit area is the best place for eating. Apart from must-try Thai food, you can find other famous type of cuisine found in the world in this area. From street vendors to international restaurants and fast-food outlets, from the very cheap to the prohibitively expensive.

Since the most convenient mean to travel in Sukhumvit road is by sky train, I will make a list in station order:

  •  Siam station

1. Som Tam Nua  This place features Isan food, from Thailand’s northeast. From Spicy Som tam to grill tender beef with Nam Jim Jaew (Thai Northeast style dipping sauce). The must eat menu here is a basket of fried chicken.

The famous Basket Fried Chicken.

If you go there on weekends you might have to wait to get in for quite a while.

Location: Just get off the BTS at Siam station and walk to Siam Square Soi 5


  • Chitlom

2.  King Kong Yakiniku Buffet If you fancy grilled seafood and beef buffet, here is your place. This place is different from most buffet resturants, you can just order from the menu and the staff will serve everything to your table, isn’t that great?

My best friend and I loved it.

Location: get off Chitlom station and walk about 100 meters to LangSuan road.

  • Ploenchit

3. Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar

 Photo from Bk-city

According to their website: “it’s been called Thailand’s first London-meets-New-York-meets-Asia gastro bar”. There are indoor seatings, and a large outdoor area to lean back.  The restaurant is dominated by a massive bar at its center which shows that they are serious about their cocktails. The ambience is excellent with the DJ. The food is classic European/American comfort food, but playful and  refined,  developed by Celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai, and the talented team. It is a perfect place to bring a date or a group of good friends. It is one of those places that you can stay until closing:)

Worth booking in advance

Location: Athenee Residence, Soi Ruamrudee, Wireless Road.

4. Beirut Restaurant is a Lebanese eatery with a wide variety of Middle Eastern, halal cuisine which is simply superb.  The Lamb Kebab is to die for.Tender succulent pieces of meat, yummy!!!  Here is by far my favorite place for Middle Eastern dishes.

Location: Basement floor of Ploenchit Center. They has another branch on Silom road as well.

  • Nana

5. Pizzeria Limoncello The place is always packed, but their pizza never disappointing! with cozy atmosphere and the service was fast and friendly I used to go there every week. I can’t leave here without finish my meal with Tiramisu.

Location:  Sukhumvit Soi 11, about 400 meters from Sukhumvit road and turn left at the corner of the German Beer House restaurant.

  • Asoke
6. Jim Jum place I don’t even know if this place has a name. It it just a small corner by the road in soi Sukhumvit 20 with six metal tables and plastic chairs, but the their food is good, especially “Jim Jum”. If you don’t know what Jim Jum is, you can see my  Jim Jum post. This place is always full of office workers or local men chilling out and enjoying a good conversation. If you want to have a test of Thai hot pot , I recommend this place:)

simply good Jim Jum.

7. Arirang As a beef lover, Korean Beef Barbecue and Kimchi is my version of  paradise . I like the idea of being able to cook your own food right in front of you, even though most times I’m not the one in charge of cooking the meats. I also love all the variety of free unlimited side dish that come along with the BBQ. This place is my favorite Korean food in Bangkok.
Location : Sukhumvit Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 12.

I can finish the whole thing by myself!

  • Prompong
8. Baan Isan Mueang Yot is definitely one of the gems of the northern Thai cuisine in Bangkok. Modest place by any measure, however it is an indoor dining restaurant with air-conditioning.  They have a full list of traditional Thai dishes with focus on Isan cooking and a great variety of grilled food. Don’t forget to try the gilled salted fish with the tasty Somtam on the side.
Location: Soi Sukhumvit 31, approximately 600m into to the Soi on the left hand side.
  • Thonglor

9. Soul Food Mahanakorn serves authentic regional Thai food which is not easy to be found these days.  I like the concept of this restaurant neatly summed up on its website: “Wholesome ingredients. Honest cooking. Serious drinks.” The must-try dish is Yam Hua Plee (banana flower salad). I had it for the first time here and I fell in love with this dish. My favourite drink is the drink I ordered because I liked it’s name “Jai Yen Yen”(which in Thai translates to “cool down/chill out”), which is a sweet and delectable blend of Gin, ginger ale, lime, passionfruit, pineapple, and cucumber. Yum!

Yam Hua Plee

Location: Sukhumvit Soi 55, a hundred meters up from the corner of Thong Lor and Sukhumvit road

10. Seen Space in Thonglor has a great ambience with most of the restaurants having wide terraces open for a quick snack or drink. The center square seating area provides menus from all the surrounding restaurants, offering food from Asian and Western cuisine. Great place to hang out with friends and watch people go by over drinks or dinner, or preferably both. Great selection of beers available from BREW Beers & Ciders and the best fish and chips in town from Fat’r Gut’z.

Location: Soi Thonglor 13

I like to take it easy here after work.


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You can learn how to order food in Thai and more restaurant expressions from my Free YouTube lessons:)


Gin hai Aroy (Enjoy your meal),


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18 Responses to My Top 10 favorite place to eat in Sukhumvit

  1. Restaurant in Bangkok 08/12/2017 at 17:13 #

    These places listed here are are the best affordable places to eat in Bangkok. Thanks for sharing the post on top 10 places.

  2. Steve Smith 24/07/2016 at 16:25 #

    Nice list Mod thank you for sharing. I have only been to a couple of places on your list and look forward to trying more of them.

    I thought I would share a map with all of the locations for everyone to help them find the places more easily.

    The only place I couldn’t find exactly was the jim jum place since I am not certain where on Soi 20 it is located. I made a guess that it might be in the vicinity of Queen Park Plaza since I have had some good jim jum there a few times before, ordered from a nearby place, so I thought it might be from the same place near there.

  3. Sascha 29/12/2015 at 21:59 #

    Looks like Beirut Restaurant has closed it’s main kitchen. They no longer serve all the good stuff like that lamb kebab. Only serving snacks now and pizza 🙁

    • Mod 13/01/2016 at 21:48 #

      The new location of Beirut is now in soi Sukhumvit 39, they are still serving excellent food. 🙂

      • Beirut Restaurants 16/02/2016 at 13:16 #

        Dear Khun Mod,

        Greetings, Thank you for your nice comments, hope to see you often in our branchs.

    • Beirut Restaurans 16/02/2016 at 13:10 #

      Dear Sascha,

      Hi, it seems there have been a misunderstanding, the place you are describing is Café de Beyrouth, our branch in Ploenchit center is still open in the floor B1.

  4. Pranee Khruasanit 30/12/2013 at 00:10 #

    Thank you for this article. I will have to try a few restaurants on your list. I would love to read on your favorite places to eat at Chatuchuck Weekend Market. Thanks!

  5. Kery 02/12/2013 at 19:47 #

    Hi There

    I just come for the very first time in Bangkok. I am staying at nice serviced apartment in Sukhumvit area and I really really love the city. There are so many different and super delicious food out there.

    The lebanese restaurant that you’ve posted here – Beirut is my favorite. I’ve never tried something more tasty. There is another lebanese restaurant – Nadimos which is also great and its worth to visit.

    Thank you for the list, I hope to visit all the recommended restaurants by the end of this week 🙂

    • Mod 06/12/2013 at 11:20 #

      Sawatdee ka Kery, thank you for reading my post. I am happy to hear that you found it useful. I have been to Nadimos a few times, actually I filmed my lesson there once with my friends. Hope oyu continue to follow my videos and website in the future as well.

      kop kun ka:)

  6. Colin 31/10/2013 at 22:29 #

    Its refreshing to get an english update from a local thai. Seen your videos! Keep them up! Will be bringing my gf to some of these recommended joints!

  7. Lyn 01/11/2012 at 23:48 #

    Thanks for this list!!! Definitely come in handy as I will be gg to bangkok this week!!! What are the prices like for King Kong and arirang btw? And is there a buffet restaurant u can recommend that serves western cuisine and mainly side dishes? Like garlic bread etc. thanks!!!

    • Mod 02/11/2012 at 01:01 #

      Thank you for reading my post:) King Kong is about 500 Baht and Arirang is about 500-700 depends on the kind of beef you order.As for Western buffet, I would recommend Sunday brunch at Grand Millennium Sukhumvit, it is about 900 Baht. If price is no object then; The Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit’s Living Room:)

  8. Phil 27/10/2012 at 14:07 #

    Great list, thanks I will have to try some, especially that drink. ‘Brown eyes’ at bottom of euro grande hotel soi 31 is nice with an excellent tuna salad and anchovy dressing. About 2 years ago (so not sure if still there) in the evenings there was a street restaurant about 15 tables half way along thanon chan (so not sukhumvit) that did great food (especially their salad :)) often had to wait for a table

    • Mod 28/10/2012 at 12:10 #

      Thank you for reading my post and your recommendation. I never been to Euro Grande Hotel before although it is in my neighborhood. The other place sounds good too. I will try them:)

  9. Mike 16/06/2012 at 10:20 #

    Awwww, my favorite place — Lan na Thai didn’t even make the Top 10. lol

    • Mod 16/06/2012 at 13:43 #

      How could I forget this one? I love this place too! I spent my New Year Eve’s dinner there two years ago:) Thank you for reminding me:)

  10. Rob 16/06/2012 at 08:58 #

    This is a great list, some of these are my favorites too. Let my also recommend Taling Pling (Silom), T&K Seafood (Yaowarat), Ko Khun Khun Tong (Ratchada), and Baan Klang Nam 2 (near Rama 3 bridge) ^^

    • Mod 16/06/2012 at 13:55 #

      kop kun ka. I definitely have to try your recommendation:)

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