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15 Common Thai Superstitions and Beliefs

  If you are familiar with the Thai culture or have Thai friends, I am sure you know that all Thai people are grown up with superstitious beliefs and taboos. Some are still believed to be true, and some are now used to tease friends. Although I don’t really believe in any superstitions, I think these are worth sharing. 1. […]

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Thai Expression of the Day: Banana Banana

Bananas can be found everywhere in Thailand throughout the year. Thai people are grown up with bananas. Thai parents believe that feeding infants banana will make the baby “grow fast and healthy.” Many families continue the custom of using banana as a baby’s first food. I also eat bananas as much as I eat rice. […]

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Adventure Park in Pattaya

I’ve visited Pattya on numerous occasions – to see what walking street is like, to enjoy great seafood, and to visit Lan island also the amazing Sanctury of Truth. Recently I just discovered that this city didn’t have just beaches, islands or busy streets. There is also an adventure park in the forest that I never thought would […]

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5 Tones

VIDEO: Different Tones, Different Meanings

Sawatdee ka, As many of you know already that Thai language is a tonal language. When the tone change, the meaning of the word will be changed. There are many groups of words that have exactly the same phonemic sounds, and yet because of different tones express very different meanings. So, today I would like to […]

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kanom krok

Kanom Krok (Thai Coconut Pudding)

  Kanom Krok is Thai sweet and savory dessert commonly found on streetside throughout Thailand. Kanom Krok is prepared in a cast iron pan with small round indents in it (กระทะขนมครก gra-ta kanom krok). Usually the pan is placed directly over charcoal in a round clay oven. Kanom krok has two layers; bottom layer and […]

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