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Learn Thai – Present Continuous (What are you doing?)

Sawatdee ka, I have got few questions regarding ‘present continuous’ or verb with “-ing” expressing action that is happening at the moment speaking such as ‘I am eating’, ‘she is cooking etc. The full pattern in Thai is: gam-lang + verb/verb phrase + yùu In spoken Thai we often drop either the word ‘gamlang’ or ‘yùu’. […]

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Khao Chae

Khao Chae: A Cooling Thai Summer Treat

Sawatdee ka, April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand, and in the old times when the refrigeration did not exist, eating the rice with Jasmine and candle fume scented water was the way to cool down the body temperature. ข้าวแช่ [kâao châe] is the name of this dish. Almost 200 something years ago ( […]

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Knackered, Worn Out or Very Tired: หมดแรง

When you would like to say “I am really really tired”, to speak like a Thai you can use this word: หมดแรง mod(low tone) – raeng (middle tone) It means  ‘knackered’, ‘worn out’, ‘very tired’ etc. หมด [mod] means ‘be finished’ แรง [raeng] means ‘energy’ *******************************************************

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Bang Pa-In Summer Palace in Ayutthaya

Sawatdee ka, I would like to introduce you another nice destination to visit near Bangkok, Ayutthaya. I have been to Ayuttaya several times, and I never get bored of it. On a very recent day-trip to Ayutthaya, I visited Bang Pa-In Palace, located in Bang Pa-In District, about 20 kilometers away from the city of Ayutthaya. […]

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Learn Thai from a long holiday

Sawatdee ka, This April most Thai people are happy because they have two long holidays. The first holiday is 6th-9th April due to Chakri Memorial Day on 6th April, and the royal cremation day on 9th April, which has been declared a public holiday by the Cabinet. The second holiday is 13th – 16th April […]

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Learn Thai from Thai song

Sawatdee ka, I think learning languages through songs is fun and effective. I learned my English by watching a lot of English movies and listening to English songs too. This song is called ” Mong Dai Dtae Yaa Chrop” (Thai: มองได้แต่อย่าชอบ) meaning you can look, but do not like. In my video I translated the […]

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