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Swear word

VIDEO: Thai Swear Words

This video clip has gone viral among Thai social media users. It is about a foriegn guy got cursed the first time by a Thai. In the video, he told us almost ten swear words in Thai. Below are words spoken in the clip;   Do you know ควย /kuoy/ ? ควย /kuoay/ means ‘dick’   He […]

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The Jim Thompson House Musuem

The Jim Thompson House is a museum in Bangkok. It is a complex of various old Thai structures. It was once the home of James H.W. Thompson, a self-made American entrepreneur who was the founder of the world renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. He collected those houses in from all parts of Thailand in […]

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Khao rat gaeng

Eat Like A Thai – Khao Rat Gaeng

  One of the things we love so much about Thailand is the abundance of delicious food everywhere from luxury to basic street food. One common way to dine in Thailand is going to a khao Raat Gaeng stall which are everywhere in Thailand. ข้าวราดแกง /kâao râad gaeng/ is what thai call the dishes that are […]

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National Thai Elephant Day

Credit photo : Flickr by Madeline Snow March 13th marks the 15th iteration of Annual National Thai Elephant Day (วันช้างไทย) – The Secretariat of The Prime Minister appointed this date since 1998 to attract attention to Thailand’s national symbol. The National Elephant Day is not a holiday in Thailand. I don’t think a lot of people […]

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VIDEO Lesson 16 : Verb to Want & Placing Order

  This lesson I would like to talk about a very basic verb but important that is often mistakenly used, verb to “want” = อยาก [yàak] The reason that makes many people confused when using this word is that in English you can say I want ‘something’  [ verb to want + object], but in Thai […]

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Thai girls

VIDEO: Thai Slang – We Are of the Same Mind

Dialogue from the video: Mod: เชิญค่ะ chern kâ (Please come in.) Pear: ใส่ชุดสีเดียวกัน sài chút sǐi diao-gan (We’re wearing the same color dress.) Mod & Pear: ใจตรงกัน jai dtrong gan (We are of the same mind.) Pear: ชั้นมีอะไรมาอวด chán mii à-rai maa ùat (I have something to show you.) Mod: ชั้นก็มีอะไรจะอวด chán gâw mii à-rai […]

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Or Tor Kor Market – The Best Fresh Market in Thailand

Last weekend I had a memorable Thai dinner at Nahm (The only Thai restaurant that was awarded the World’s 50 Best Restaurants), I read his interview and learned that he got his ingredients from Bangkok’s Or Tor Kor market near the famous Chatuchak weekend market. I have been to Chatuchak hundreds of time, but I have never made […]

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