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Lesson 3 – Practice Writing – Middle Class Consonant

We have seen how the nine Middle class consonants look like in the previous lesson. Now let’s learn how to write each letter, shall we? I wrote all these letter myself, so please accept my apology if the pictures are not very clear. [1] ก.ไก่ (Gaw Gài) (more…)

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Lesson 2 – Middle Class Consonants

Thai consonants are divided into three classes; Middle class, High class and Low class.  See all 44 alphabets here. There are nine middle class consonants (อักษรกลาง [àk –sŏrn glaang]) อักษรกลางมี 9 ตัว [1] ก.ไก่ (Gaw Gài) ไก่  (gài) means chicken (more…)

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