Learn Thai from a long holiday

Sawatdee ka,

This April most Thai people are happy because they have two long holidays.

The first holiday is 6th-9th April due to Chakri Memorial Day on 6th April, and the royal cremation day on 9th April, which has been declared a public holiday by the Cabinet.

The second holiday is 13th – 16th April due to Thai New Year or Song Kran.

Let’s learn a few vocabulary:)

Holiday in Thai is วันหยุด [wan yùt]. หยุด [yùt] means ‘to stop’ referring to stop working.
Long in Thai is ยาว [yaao]
Long holiday is วันหยุดยาว [wan yùt yaao]

If your Thai friends are having a vacation during their long holidays you can wish them a good trip by saying เที่ยวให้สนุกนะ [tîao hâi sà-nùk ná].

เที่ยว[tîao] means ‘to go on a vacation’, ‘to go out for pleasure’.

สนุก [sà-nùk] means ‘fun’.

I hope you have a great holiday:)


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