Learn useful Thai words from Thai ad

Sawatdee ka,

This ad from Oriental Princess is interesting in my opinion. It is encouraging women to see the value in themselves. We can also learn many useful words from this clip, especially  one question word that is being repeated throughout the clip.

From the video, there are 20 questions being asked. The questions are as follows:

1. ทำไมต้องแต่ง [tam-mai dtông dtàng]

Why do you have to beautify?

2. ทำไมต้องซื้อ [tam-mai dtông súe]

Why do you have buy things?

3. ทำไมต้องสวย [tam-mai dtông sŭai]

Why do you have to be beautiful?

4. ทำไมต้องเปลี่ยน [tam-mai dtông bplìan]

Why do you have to change?

5. ทำไมต้องลด [tam-mai dtông lót]

Why do you have to lose weight?

* ลด [lót] means ‘reduce, decrease’. Thai people say ‘to reduce weight’ for ‘to lose weight’ which is ลดน้ำหนัก [ lót náam-nàk]

6. ทำไมไม่คิด [tam-mai mâi kít]

Why didn’t you think?

7. ทำไมต้องขาว [tam-mai dtông kăao]

Why do you have to be white?

8. ทำไมต้องหึง [tam-mai dtông hŭeng]

Why do you have to be jealous?

9. ทำไมถึงใช้อารมณ์ [tam mai tŭeng chái aa-rom]

Why do you have to have bad temper?

*ใช้อารมณ์ [chái aa-rom] is the word combination : ใช้[chái] to use + อารมณ์ [aa-rom] emotion

10. ทำไมต้องเหมือนใคร [tam-mai dtông mŭean krai]

Why do you have to be the same as everyone else?

* เหมือน [mŭean] means be like ; be the same

ใคร [krai] is a question word ‘who’, and it is also used for ‘anyone’.

11. ทำไมต้องผอม [tam-mai dtông pŏrm]

Why do you have to be skinny?

12. ทำไมเริ่มใหม่ไม่ได้ [tam mai rêrm mài mâi-dâi]

Why can’t you start over again?

13. ทำไมต้องทำ [tam-mai dtông tam]

Why do you have to do it?

14. ทำไมจะทำไม่ได้ [tam-mai jà tam mâi-dâi]

Why couldn’t you do it?

15. ทำไมต้องเชื่อ [tam-mai dtông chûea]

Why do you have to believe?

16. ทำไมไม่เชื่อตัวเอง [tam-mai mâi chûea dtua-eeng]

Why don’t you believe yourself?

17. ทำไมต้องเงียบ [tam-mai dtông ngîab]

Why do you have to be silent?

18. ทำไมต้องทน [tam-mai dtông ton]

Why do you have to be tolerate?

19. ทำไมต้องกลัว [tam-mai dtông glua]

Why do you have to be afraid?

20. ทำไม….? [tam mai..?]


So, the main words to learn from the ad are “ทำไม [tam-mai] Why“, and “ต้อง [dtông] have to, must“. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it useful.

In case you are wondering, Oriental Princess is a cosmetic brand.



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