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Learn Thai from Mistakes

My student showed me a photo from his trip to Chiang Rai. Once I saw it, it made me laugh out loud. I would like to share it with you so we can also learn Thai from this photo. This is a warning sign from a tea plantation in Chiang Rai province in Northern Thailand. Chiang Rai is known […]

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VIDEO: Thai Expression “Have Fun!”

When you would like to wish Thai people ‘Have a good trip’, ‘enjoy your meal’, ‘enjoy your movie’ etc. you can easily use the following pattern: VERB + ให้ hâi (for) + ADJECTIVE * ให้ hâi (for) + ADJECTIVE = ADVERB For example; เที่ยวให้สนุก tîao hâi sà-nùk (Have a good trip or enjoy your holiday) เที่ยว […]

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VIDEO: Do You Know How To?

We filmed this lesson when we went on a trip to the Surin island together. We explained a common Thai joke as well as a new question word that you might never heard of before. I hope you enjoy this video and find it useful. 🙂   Role play dialogue: Mod:       ครูแพร มดอยากไปดำน้ำ Kru Pear, Mod […]

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VIDEO Lesson 16 : Verb to Want & Placing Order

  This lesson I would like to talk about a very basic verb but important that is often mistakenly used, verb to “want” = อยาก [yàak] The reason that makes many people confused when using this word is that in English you can say I want ‘something’  [ verb to want + object], but in Thai […]

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20 Thai Words Most Commonly Misspelled

 (Photo credit: Kapook.com)   I put the pronunciation and the meaning of each word here:  I often misspell “email” and “ice-cream”. What about you? 🙂

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VIDEO: Thai Love Phrases

    1. รักแรกพบ /rák râek pób/  Love at first sight รัก /rák/ love แรก /râek/ first พบ /pób/ meet (formal term) , in spoken Thai we use the word เจอ /jer/   2. รักแท้ /rák táe/ แท้ /táe/ real, authentic ผม/ฉันอยากเจอรักแท้ pŏm/chán yàak jer rák táe (I want to find true love.) ผมผม/ฉันกำลังตามหารักแท้ pŏm/chán gam-lang […]

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VIDEO: How To Go There?

  Question Word “How” in Thai: As I mentioned at the beginning, there are three different words for the question “how?” in Thai language. It denpends on what you are asking for. [1] ยังไง yang ngai It is used to ask for ‘how to do something’ or aksing for means or method. The pattern for this […]

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VIDEO: Going to the Movies

This lesson we are taking you to a cinema in Bangkok. You will learn words and expressions related to watching movies. Hope you will enjoy this lesson as much as we enjoyed making it for you. : )       แกอยากดูหนังมั้ย? gae yak duu năng mái? Do you want to watch a movie?   […]

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5 Tones

VIDEO: Different Tones, Different Meanings

Sawatdee ka, As many of you know already that Thai language is a tonal language. When the tone change, the meaning of the word will be changed. There are many groups of words that have exactly the same phonemic sounds, and yet because of different tones express very different meanings. So, today I would like to […]

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Skytrain Thai Lesson

VIDEO: Taking SkyTrain

I live in Bangkok and use Skytrain all the time. Many times tourists approached me to ask questions about the station they wan to go to or the right exit they have to take. Even myself I have to ask these questions when I go somewhere I am not familiar with. So let’s learn to […]

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VIDEO: Taking a Taxi

  I hope you find this lesson useful. : )

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VIDEO : Type of Person I like

Pear: มีอะไรจะเม้าท์ / mii à-rai jà máo/ I have something to tell you. เม้าท์ /máo/ means to gossip, to talk about secret Mod: อะไร /à-rai?/ What is it? Pear: เมื่อวานมีผู้ชายมาจีบ / mûea-waan mii pûu-chaai maa jìib / Yesterday, a guy was flirting with me. จีบ  /jìib / to flirt Mod: จริงเหรอ เค้าเป็นไงบ้าง / jĭng rĕr?, káo bpen ngai […]

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VIDEO: How Much per Hour?

When you want to form the sentence using “per” in Thai language, you have to say it backward. The word ‘per’ in Thai is ละ / lá / For example; [1] English structure: 50 Baht per day Thai structure : day per 50 Baht วันละ 50 บาท /wan lá 50 bàad / – day in Thai is วัน […]

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Learn Thai – Colors

    There is a Thai saying I really like จะถูกจะแพงขอแดงไว้ก่อน /jà tùuk jà paeng kŏr daeng wái gòrn/, in English it would be ‘it doesn’t matter if it is cheap or expensive, go for red’ : ) Color in Thai is สี /sĭi/. When Thai people talking about color the word สี /sĭi/ can be put in […]

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VIDEO: Fun Thai Slang – Giving Compliments and More

Sawatdee ka, I was at my parent’s home with my younger brother and sister , so I asked them to make a Thai lesson video together. You will learn a few fun Thai slang commonly used in everyday life in this video. I hope you enjoy the lesson. 🙂   See below to learn what were said […]

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VIDEO: Fun Thai Slang – It Serves You Right!

  Below are the translations for the dialogue of the role play in the video:   Mod: มิ้งช้าจัง Mink cháa jang. Mink is so late. ช้า /cháa/ = slow, late จัง /jang/ = very, used for emphasis at the end of a statement. Mai: เมื่อไหร่จะมาอ่ะ mûea-rài jà maa à? When is he coming? เมื่อไหร่ /mûea-rài/ = […]

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Understand Thai pronouns “You”

Sawatdee ka, This lesson continues from my previous blog, Understand Thai pronouns for “I”. I would like to repeat again that age, social status, gender, the relationship between speakers, the formality of the situation and individual personality all play a part in helping Thai people to decide the most appropriate way to refer to themselves […]

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Useful Thai word a day

Look at this funny face of this cat. I can’t stop laughing. I think he might ate too fast. lol In Thai language this is called ติดคอ [dtìd-kaw] meaning get stuck in the throat. ติด [dtìd] means get stuck คอ [kaw] means throat or neck กินช้าๆเดี๋ยวติดคอนะคะ [gin cháa- cháa dĭao dtìt kaw ná ká] Eat slowly […]

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Understand Thai Pronouns for “I”

Sawatdee ka, I have been asked many times regarding pronouns. It seems to be a simple thing, but somehow Thai pronouns are a little bit complicated since they are so many words to use. Today I would like to talk about the pronouns “I” which vary on age, social status, gender, the relationship between speakers, […]

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VIDEO: Learn Different Ways to Say Good Night in Thai

Sawatdee ka, There are many ways to say good night in Thai. Below are expressions that are commonly used. (more…)

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