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Learn Thai – Introduce oneself

I have got a few questions regarding introducing oneself in this past week.  This lesson is one of the very first lessons I filmed when I started my teaching career. I went back to watch it and I felt like..Oh! that was so embarrassing! I spoke soooo slow in my first few videos, so after […]

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VIDEO: Fun Thai Slang – Giving Compliments and More

Sawatdee ka, I was at my parent’s home with my younger brother and sister , so I asked them to make a Thai lesson video together. You will learn a few fun Thai slang commonly used in everyday life in this video. I hope you enjoy the lesson. 🙂   See below to learn what were said […]

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I was invited to be a guest on channel 7 on Thai TV to talk about making online Thai lessons and teaching Thai language to foreigners. It provides good listening practice for you. I already contacted the producer for the raw video files so I can put the English subtitle in.Hopefully I will receive them […]

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VIDEO: Fun Thai Slang – It Serves You Right!

  Below are the translations for the dialogue of the role play in the video:   Mod: มิ้งช้าจัง Mink cháa jang. Mink is so late. ช้า /cháa/ = slow, late จัง /jang/ = very, used for emphasis at the end of a statement. Mai: เมื่อไหร่จะมาอ่ะ mûea-rài jà maa à? When is he coming? เมื่อไหร่ /mûea-rài/ = […]

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