VIDEO: Fun Thai Slang – Giving Compliments and More

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I was at my parent’s home with my younger brother and sister , so I asked them to make a Thai lesson video together. You will learn a few fun Thai slang commonly used in everyday life in this video. I hope you enjoy the lesson. 🙂


See below to learn what were said in the role play.

มิ้ง จะไปไหนอ่ะ /Mink, jà bpai năi à?/ Where are you going?

–          The question word ‘where’ in Thai is ที่ไหน /tîi-năi?/, but in spoken Thai when it is used after the word ไป /bpai/ we commonly just say ไหน / năi/?

–          อ่ะ / à/ is an informal particle used to put at the end of a statement and question.

จะไปเที่ยวทะเลกับสาวอ่ะ /jà bpai tîao tá-lay gàp săao à/ I’m going to the beach with a girl.

–          ไปเที่ยว / bpai tîao/ means ‘to go out for pleasure’.

–          สาว / săao/ means ‘girl’ usually refers to young girl used in casual spoken Thai.

เท่ห์ป่ะ /tây bpà?/  Do I look cool?

–          ป่ะ /bpà/ sometimes sounds /bpâ/ is a yes/no question word used in casual and informal conversation. It has the same meaning as มั้ย /mái/

วันนี้เท่หวะ /wan-níi tâu wà/ You look cool today.

–          หวะ /wà/ is an informal particle used for emphasis.

–          The word เท่ meaning ‘cool’ is written without ห์. There are a lot of confusion on the spelling of this word, including me.

ไม่ได้โม้  / mâi-dâai móe/ We didn’t lie

–          ไม่ได้ /mâi-dâai/ used to form ‘a negative past’, in English would ‘did not’

–            *** โม้ /móe/ in Central dialect means ‘to brag’ or ‘to boast’. A boastful person is called ขี้โม้ /kîi-móe/. However, in Southern dialect (My family is from the South of Thailand) โม้ /móe/ also means ‘to lie’.

ไปแล้วนะ/ bpai láew ná/  is an expression ‘ I gotta go’.

โชคดี /choke-dii/ means ‘good luck’


If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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