Learn Thai – Introduce oneself

I have got a few questions regarding introducing oneself in this past week.  This lesson is one of the very first lessons I filmed when I started my teaching career. I went back to watch it and I felt like..Oh! that was so embarrassing! I spoke soooo slow in my first few videos, so after learning the words and expressions from my videos please speak faster than I did.

Ok, now let’s learn or review how to introduce yourself in Thai language.

ผม/ชั้นชื่อ + your name

pŏm/chán chûe  + your name

My name is …..


Kun chûe à-rai?

What is your name?


yin-dii tîi dâi rúu-jàk

Nice to meet you.


Hope this lesson helps you to make a lot of Thai friends:)


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2 Responses to Learn Thai – Introduce oneself

  1. david 27/12/2012 at 01:09 #

    I remember about a year ago prepping for my trip to Thailand and watching your videos. i even loaded them on my ipod so I could study on the plane. Part of what made these lessons so good for me was that you spoke slowly and clearly. Now having studied for a year it seems fitting to hear you speak faster as this is more whats commonly heard in day to day conversation. Especially the nuances like like adding “ah” at the end of a sentence when speaking with friends. Makes speech sound so much more natural. My Thai friends are like…WOW!!!

  2. Craig 29/11/2012 at 09:54 #

    Hi Mod,

    I’m new learning from your videos and find them very good, I actually prefer you speak
    slower as I find myself having to rewind many times in the lessons. Thanks for the great work you do



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