VIDEO: Common Questions about Celebrating New Year

So our year come to an end and the New Year is almost here. Teacher Pear has a small gift for you all – she made a short video talking about five useful questions you can use to ask your Thai friends about their New Year’s celebration. She also has lovely message to say to you at the end of the lesson, so please watch until the end. 🙂

Here are the five questions in the video;

1. Are you going to celebrate New Year?


kun jà bpai chà-lăwng bpii-mài mái?

Yes-No’ Question Format: statement + มั้ย mái?

Future Tense Format: someone + จะ jà + do something/ be something


2. Where are you going to celebrate New Year?


kun jà bpai chà-lăwng bpii-mài tîi-năi?

‘Where’ Question Format: statement + ที่ไหน tîi-năi?


3. With whom are you going to celebrate New Year with?


kun jà bpai chà-lăwng bpii-mài gàp krai?

‘Whom’ Question Format: statement + ใคร krai?

Note: “ใคร krai” is used for both ‘who’ and ‘whom’. If it is used for ‘who’, ใคร krai will be put at the beginning of the sentence.


– Who will take you to the party?


krai jà paa kun bpai bpaa-dtîi?

( พา paa + someone + ไป bpai + somewhere)

– With whom will you go to the party with?


kun jà bpai bppa-dtîi gàp krai?


4. Where are you going for New Year holiday?


bpii-mài jà bpai-tîao tîi-năi?

(ไปเที่ยว bpai-tîao = go on holiday)


5. What are your plans for next year?


bpii nâa mii plaen à-rai bâang?

(ปี bpii = year, หน้า nâa = next, ปีหน้า bpii nâa = next year)

(“บ้าง bâang” is put after a question when you want to get the answer in details.)


You can also easily change the first four questions to “past tense” by removing the word “จะ jà” that is used to form future tense.

1. Did you go to celebrate New Year?


kun bpai chà-lăwng bpii-mài mái?


2. Where did you go to celebrate New Year?


kun bpai chà-lăwng bpii-mài tîi-năi?


3. With whom did you go to celebrate New Year with?


kun bpai chà-lăwng bpii-mài gàp krai?

– Who took you to the party?


krai paa kun bpai bpaa-dtîi?

– With whom did you go to the party with?


kun bpai bppa-dtîi gàp krai?


4. Where did you go for New Year holiday?


bpii-mài kun bpai-tîao tîi-năi?


Hope you find this lesson useful and learned something new. 🙂

Keep practicing!



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  1. Jakob 02/01/2016 at 22:38 #

    Happy New Year to you too. Many thanks for all your helpful videos. They are always enjoyable and much appreciated.

    • Mod 13/01/2016 at 21:33 #

      Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂

  2. Jason Stallworth 30/12/2015 at 23:25 #

    Another very helpful lesson! Sa-wat-dee bpii mai! Khorp khuun krap!

    • Mod 13/01/2016 at 21:34 #

      Thank you for your comment. We are happy to hear that you found our lesson helpful. 🙂

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