Thai Lesson: I Can Do It!




Which steps have you reached today?

วันนี้คุณอยู่ที่ขั้นบันไดไหน /wan-níi kun yùu tîi kán ban-dai năi?/

ขั้นบันได / kán ban-dai/ steps

ไหน / năi?/ Which?

  1. I won’t do it

ผม/ฉันจะไม่ทำมัน [pŏm/chán jà tam man]

จะ /jà/ will

ทำ /tam/ to do

  1. I can’t do it

ผม/ฉันทำไม่ได้ [pŏm/chán tam mâi-dâai]

Do something + ได้ / dâai/ = cannot do something

  1. I want to do it

ผม/ฉันอยากทำ [pŏm/chán yàak tam]

อยาก / yàak/ want to do something

  1. How do I do it?

ผม/ฉันทำยังไง [pŏm/chán tam yang-ngai]

ยังไง /yang-ngai/ How? (used to ask how to do something)

  1. I’ll try to do it

ผม/ฉันจะพยายามทำ [pŏm/chán jà pá-yaa-yaam tam]

พยายาม / pá-yaa-yaam/ try to achieve something

  1. I can do it

ผม/ฉันทำได้ [pŏm/chán tam dâai]

Do something + ได้/ dâai/ = can do something

  1. I will do it

ผม/ฉันจะทำ [pŏm/chán jà tam]

8.  Yes, I did it!

ผม/ฉันทำได้แล้ว! [pŏm/chán tam dâai láew]

In Thai structure, when something has been done the word แล้ว /láew/ meaning ‘already’ is added after the verb/verb phrase.

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10 Responses to Thai Lesson: I Can Do It!

  1. H Kim 16/04/2017 at 23:34 #

    This picture give me good direction.
    Thank you so much Mod!
    This will be my life rule!
    No! This is my life rule NOW!

    • Mod 24/04/2017 at 15:23 #

      I am happy to hear that you found this article inspiring. Keep going! or in Thai we say สู้สู้ /sû-sû/. 🙂

  2. Graham 20/07/2013 at 11:25 #

    Sa-wat-dee mod,
    kor toht daa isn’t number one supposed to be “pom ja tam mai?” with mai being a negative particle?
    I could be wrong though.
    kop kun cup

  3. Pascal 08/05/2013 at 04:25 #

    Thank you Mod for your answer

  4. pascal 07/05/2013 at 03:28 #

    Hi Mod in the sentence you put MAN at the first can we use it in all sentence too thank you Mod

    • Mod 07/05/2013 at 21:51 #

      The word “man” is usually omitted in spoken Thai. 🙂

  5. mikael 26/02/2013 at 01:35 #

    ผม/ฉันจะไม่ทำมัน [pŏm/chán jà tam man]…. sorry khru mod pom ja (mai) tam man

  6. Lance Rosen 25/02/2013 at 03:07 #

    Sawadee krap Kru Mod. I wanted to ask a quick question. Why do you use “มัน” for “it” sometimes, and not for others, as in, ” ผม/ฉันทำได้” or, “ผม/ฉันจะทำ” ? Is it that one statement is a response to a question, in which case, we already know what “มัน” is, and don’t need to use it, or does it matter? I ask because this is an example of how I am not sure of whether or not to use a pronoun or an article, or when it is dropped, or where to use it in the sentence to be understood. Maybe in the future you could do a lesson on word order, or point me toward an older video that discusses that. Kop kun krap, pop gaan mai. Keep up the good work!

    • Mod 02/03/2013 at 00:19 #

      Sawatdee ka Kun Lance. Apology for my late reply. The pronoun มัน is often dropped because we know what we are talking about just like you said.

      Thank you for your video suggestion. I’ll keep that in mind: )

  7. Rudolf 22/02/2013 at 00:40 #

    Step 7 1/2 : ผมกำลังทำอยู……

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