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Sawatdee ka,


Are you a sport fan? I don’t usually watch sport games, but once every four years I always follow Olympic games especially when Thailand is competing.

Let’s learn a Thai word used for encouragement, shall we?

Thai people say สู้ๆ [Sûu Sûu] to give encouragement.  สู้ [sûu] means to fight, it is like we are saying ‘fight! don’t give up’ in a way:)

This expression can be used for giving encouragement in any situation 🙂


กีฬา [gii-laa]                             sport

เหรียญ [rĭan]                             medal

เหรียญทอง [rĭan tong]           gold medal

เหรียญเงิน [rĭan ngern]          silver medal

เหรียญทองแดง [rĭan tong-daeng]                 bronze medal

ชนะ [chá-ná]                             win

แพ้ [páe]                                      lose

weightlifter Pimsiri won Thailand’s first Olympic medal at the 2012 London Games..Yea!


[bprà-tâde tai chá-ná rĭan ngern nai gii-laa yók-náam-nàk yĭng]

Thailand won silver medal in women’s weight lifting




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