Thai numbers

Thai Numbers

Both Thai and Arabic numbers are in common everyday use.

This video shows the pronunciation of number 0 – 10:


Numbers 12-19 are formed regularly using sìp + UNIT

** Eleven is irregular, using èt instead of nùeng

11 sìp èt

12 sìp sŏng

13 sìp săam


Multiples of 10 up to 90 use sìp (‘ten’) as a suffix and are regular with the exception of ‘twenty’, which uses yîi instead of sŏng

20 yîi sìp

30 săam sìp

40 sìi sìp


Numbers between 10 and 100 are formed in a regular way with the exeption of 21, 31, 41 etc. where the word for ‘one’ is èt and not nùeng.


In numbers 21-29, yîi sìp is often contracted to yîip in informal spoken Thai:

21 yîi sìp èt

23 yîi sìp săam

31 săam sìp èt


Numbers from 100 upwards are also formed regularly, but in addition to words for ‘thousand’ and ‘million’, there are also specific words for ‘ten thousand’ and ‘hundred thousand’

100 (nùeng) rói

101 (nùeng) rói nùng

102 (nùeng) rói sŏng

1,000 (nùeng) pan

1200 (nùeng) pan sŏng rói

10,000 (nùeng) mùen

100,000 (nùeng) săen

1,000,000 (nùeng) láan


Numbers, including the year, are read as in the following examples; years maybe prefaced by bpii (‘year’):

Year 1984 (bpii) nùeng pan gâao rói bpàed sìp sìi

Year 2553 (bpii) sŏng pan hâa rói hâa sìp săam


75,862 jèt mùen hâa pan bpàed rói hòk sìp sŏng

432,925 sìi săen săam mùen sŏng pan gâao rói yìi sìp hâa


This video shows you how to tell the price like a Thai when you go shopping:)

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