Learn Thai from Visakha Bucha Day

Sawatdee ka,

Today is one of the most important day for Buddhist people. It is Visakha Bucha Day (วันวิสาขบูชา) which marks the three important incidents in the life of Lord Buddha(พระพุทธเจ้า) on the same day. Read more about it here:

This year is very special since it is the 2,600th anniversary of Lord Buddha achieving enlightenment. Thai people call today  “พุทธชยันตี” (put-ta-cha-yan-dtee). He found his answer and attained the enlightenment at the age of 35 years, after entering the monkhood for six years.

His last sermon was “all composite things are transitory; strive onward diligently.” “อย่าใช้ชีวิตด้วยความประมาท”


Let’s learn Thai from this sentence:

The above sentence is translated word by word to Thai as  Do not live with negligence.


[yàa chái chee-wít dûai kwaam bprà-màat]

อย่า [yàa] = Do not

ใช้ [chái] = to spend

ชีวิต [chee-wít] = life

ด้วย [dûai] = with

ความประมาท [kwaam bprà-màat] = negligence




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