Learn Thai from Funny Thai Ads

Sawatdee ka,

What is your method for learning and remembering new Thai words. I think watching funny videos helps you tremendously, so I put few funny Thai video ads here.

[1] Funny Thai noodles advert

The interesting word from this ad is the word “อืด” [uet] which mean swell. Thai people use this word as a slang to call someone who is overweight as well.

Language tips: There other Thai words that mean ‘swell’, ‘be swollen’, but they are used in different contexts.

[1] อืด [ùet] : This word is used with noodles and dead body.
For example; ผมไม่ชอบกินก๋วยเตี๋ยวอืด [pŏm mâi chôrp gin gŭai-dtĭao ùet] I don’t like eating swollen noodles
เขาเจอศพหมาอืดในคลอง [kăo jer sòp măa ùet nai klong] He found a dead swollen dog body in the canal.

[2] บวม [buam] : This word is used when you get infection or when you hit yourself with something hard and your skin gets swollen.

For example;ขาของเขาบวมเพราะว่าเขาเดินชนประตู [kăa kŏrng kăo buam pró-wâa kăo dern chon bprà-dtuu] His leg is swollen because he hit the door.

[3] พอง [pong] means blister, blistering
For example; เขาถูกน้ำร้อนลวกมือก็เลยเป็นแผลพอง

[2] Funny Thai beer ad

The word to learn from this ad is วันศุกร์ [wan sùk] which mean ‘Friday’.

[3] Funny Thai light bulbs ad

You should get the words พ่อ [pâw] father, and ผี [pĕe] ghost from this ad.

Which one is your favorite?


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16 Responses to Learn Thai from Funny Thai Ads

  1. Bella 16/01/2012 at 18:50 #

    ha ha Funny Thai noodles advert was amazing. LOL.

  2. Keith 15/01/2012 at 07:26 #

    การโฆษณาเกียวกับผี การโฆษณาโปรดของผมครับ

    • Mod 15/01/2012 at 12:04 #

      คุณคีธชอบผีเหรอคะ 😛 advertisement = โฆษณา ค่ะ เป็นทั้งคำนามและคำกริยา ไม่ต้องเติมคำว่า ‘การ’ ค่ะ 🙂

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