Learn Thai – Go out with friend

Sawatdee ka,

I went out for dinner with my best friend, Keaw almost 3 weeks ago, but I just had a chance to finish editing this video. Let’s learn some useful Thai expressions and phrases from this trip.

I hope you enjoy this video. Please leave comments or suggestions.

Kop Kun Ka.

So, this is what I was waiting for. It is called “Shibuya Honey Toast”. You eat it with syrup, sweet and tasty. It looks like just an ordinary toast, I don’t know why young people love this dessert so much. Sometimes you have to queue for almost an hour before you get in.

Let’s learn some vocabulary from the video

  1. มา           [maa] = come
  2. กิน           [gin] = eat
  3. ข้าวเย็น  [káao-yen] = dinner
  4. กับ          [gàp] = with
  5. เพื่อน      [pûean] = friend
  6. ที่             [têe] = at
  7. ห้าง         [hâang] = shopping mall

Sentence: มดมากินข้าวเย็นกับเพื่อนที่ห้างพารากอน

[Mod maa gin káao-yen gàp pûean têe hâang Paragon ]
I came to have dinner with friend at Paragon mall.

  1. เรา          [rao] = we
  2. จะ           [jà] = will
  3. ไป           [bpai] = go
  4. ของหวาน [kŏrng-wăan] = dessert
  5. ร้าน         [ráan] = shop [N.]

Sentence: เราจะไปกินของหวานที่ร้าน After You

[rao jà bpai gin kŏrng-wăan têe ráan After You]

We will go to eat dessert at After You shop.

I hope you have learned something new from this lesson:) GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Marni ;) 17/12/2011 at 20:26 #

    I love if translate one-by-one like this 🙂
    khop khun ka Kru Mod.

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