My Top 9 Favourite Thai Restaurants in Bangkok


1. The Local by Oamthong Thai cuisine

A 70 – year old house turned into a Thai heritage restaurant. I really like the traditional Thai atmosphere with history and culture beautifully painted on the walls, and the fact that I can enjoy my meal in the comfort of rattan chairs and a Thai silk cushion. (I don’t like restaurants with uncomfortable hard chairs)

The Local serves original and authentic Thai food which cannot be found easily these days. I was told that the recipe of each dish is a secret family recipe handed down over generations. I recommend you to start your meal with the Appetizer set ”รวมคำอร่อย”, B250 /ruam kam a-roy/ meaning the mix of tasty bites – it is the combination of 5 traditional Thai appetizer from different regions of Thailand.

I also like their special dish which originates from the King Rama V era and I have never tried it anywhere else before “แกงรัญจวนเนื้อ Gang Lun Juan Nuea”, B240 – tender beef curry with shrimp paste & Thai herbs. I would like to give you a heads up that if you are not familiar with fermented Thai taste you might find this dish too spicy and pungent.

แกงรัญจวน Gaeng Run Juan

Another specialty is แกงคั่วเนื้อปลาใบส้มแป้น Spicy Home-made Yellow Curry with Fish Fillet, Coconut Milk & orange leaves , B250 which is served together with a big basket of vegetable and Thai herbs to balance the rich flavor of the curry. A small creative touch I liked to see is the way the waitress served the rice with a traditional Thai rice basket and you can choose either brown rice or white rice, it is unlimited refill.

แกงคั่วเนื้อปลาใบส้มแป้น Spicy Fish Yellow Curry

The Local is perfect for romantic dining, corporate meetings, family gathering and special occasions. They have big four private rooms available. You might want to reserve some time after the meal to have a look at their mini museum showing ancient cookery , cookbooks etc.

Address: Soi Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok, Thailand
Nearest Skytrain: Asoke

2.     Gedhawa เก็ดถะหวา

Gedhawa is northern Thai for “gardenia”. It is a small Lanna-style restaurant hidden away on the quiet Soi in the heart of Bangkok. The food is Thai with an emphasis on Northern dishes, central Thai food is also available. The decoration inside makes you feel like you are in Chiangmai. They have only ten tables with a few small tables outside for smokers which is my kind of place that I can go every week- I like it cozy.

The dish I recommend you to try is ปลาสมุนไพร /Bplaa samunprai/ deep fried fish with Thai herbs, B450. The fish is a golden brown, perfectly crispy outside but the fish stays soft & moist inside. The way to eat this dish is putting a piece of fish in a leave (there are three selection of lettuce, kale, and piperaceae leaves) then place a small amount of all the herbs, fold up into a little package, and then pop the  package into your mouth and enjoy the fresh, springy taste. I always like the DIY way of eating.


After having a bite of the fish wrap, it feels nice to follow by the soup of แกงอ่อมไก่ Gang Om Gai, B150 – spicy Lanna (northern Thai) curry with chicken and several kinds of vegetables, it does not contain any coconut milk. And if you are a vegetable eater, they have many different kind of น้ำพริก /naam prik/, B150 served with mixture of steamed vegetables. The most interesting dish in the menu is แกงผักหวาน /Gaeng Pak Waan/, B150 a northern vegetable, fish & ant egg soup. That’s right! It contains “ant eggs”, but this dish is seasonal due to the ant eggs are available during May-July only.

แกงอ่อมไก่ Northern-style chicken curry


The owner, Kun Jum who also runs the dining room is very lovely, if you have questions about the food, she is informative. My dining experience here is always warm and homely.

Sukhumvit Soi 35, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone:  02-662-0501
Nearest Skytrain: Phrom Phong
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-2pm, 5-10pm


3.     ภัทรา Patara – Fine Thai Cuisine



Patara is the elegant Thai modern-style restaurant surrounding by a pleasant garden. It has made its way for 12 years, and have branches in Europe (the first branch was opened in London), as well as other Asian countries. Its owner is the co-founder of the popular chained restaurants in Thailand, S&P. The quality of the food can be guaranteed by many awards i.e. rated top Thai restaurant by Thailand Tatler Magazine; awarded top Thai restaurant for three consecutive years by Bangkok Dining & Entertainment Magazine.

 ยำมะเขือย่างเนื้อปูไข่ปลาคาร์เวียร์ (Grilled Thai aubergine and crab meat salad in a lime and shallot caviar vinaigrette, B 250)

ยำมะเขือย่างเนื้อปูไข่ปลาคาร์เวียร์ (Grilled Thai aubergine and crab meat salad in a lime and shallot caviar vinaigrette, B 250)

แกงคั่วเนื้อปูใบชะพลู Turmeric scented crab meat yellow curry with Betel leave served with traditional rice noodles

แกงคั่วเนื้อปูใบชะพลู Turmeric scented crab meat yellow curry with Betel leave served with traditional rice noodles

Patara has extensive menu of contemporary Thai cuisine. My favorite dish is แกงเนื้อปูใบชะพลู Tumeric scented crabmeat yellow curry with Betel leave served with traditional rice noodles, B390. You can view the full menu with pricing in their website here:

The service here is attentive and friendly, and the chefs take great care with lovely presentations. Although this place is a bit pricey than others of my pick, it is worth every Baht. (Patara offers you a complimentary ride in a Tuk-Tuk to the sky train station)

Address: Thonglor Soi 19, Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: 02-185-2960, 02-185-2961

Nearest Train: BTS Thong Lo



4.     Soul Food Mahanakohn

A small two-story place serves authentic regional Thai food.  This place has everything I want in a restaurant – good food, tasty drinks, great staff, nice atmosphere and perfect location. I like the concept of this restaurant neatly summed up on its website: “Wholesome ingredients. Honest cooking. Serious drinks.” The must-try dish that I order every time I eat there is ยำหัวปลี Yam Hua Plee (banana flower spicy salad), B130, which I had it for the first time here and I fell in love with this dish. Another healthy dish I always order is ยำมะเขือยาว Yam Makuea Yao (egg plant salad with boiled duck eggs), B140, this dish is absolutely lovely. The eggplant is fresh, juicy and tender. Usually the hard-boiled chicken egg is added to this dish, but Soul Food Mahanakohn has its creativity and replace with the duck egg.

Nahm prik two ways: Roasted green chili salsa and sweet pork and tomato salsa served with quail eggs, pork rinds, okra and baby eggplant.

As for the drink, I recommend the drink I ordered because I liked its name ใจเย็นเย็น“Jai Yen Yen”(which in Thai translates to “cool down/chill out”), which is a sweet and delectable blend of Gin, ginger ale, lime, passion fruit, pineapple, and cucumber.

This place is a place my friends and I like to go for good food and have a good conversation – things that are good for my soul. 🙂

Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), Bangkok, Thailand

Phone:  085-904-2691,  02-714-7708
Nearest Skytrain: Thong Lo


5.     Erawan Tea room by Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

The name might sound like a place for ladies’ high tea, but it is more than just a tea room. Erawan Tea room offers delicious traditional Thai dishes that never disappoint me. I also like the Thai-style ambiance and comfy chair is always a plus. The service is attentive, efficient and pleasant.


Highlight dishes are ผัดไท Pad Tai (Thai stir-fried noodles),   ต้มข่าไก่ Tom Ka Gai(chicken galangal soup), and ยำส้มโอ Yum Som-O ( Pamelo spicy salad with shrimp). I don’t remember the price of each dish exactly, it starts at around B150.


ผัดไท Pad Thai

ยำส้มโอ Pamelo Salad

I suggest you to save some room to savor the desserts, especially coconut creme brulee. Oh! and of course, you cannot miss to try their Thai iced tea (ชาเย็น cha-yen)

 2/F, Grand Hyatt Erawan, Ratchadamri Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Nearest SkyTrain: Chit Lom


6. Kram Café & Thai Kitchen (คราม)

“Kram” means indigo in Thai. I asked the owner the origin of this name, and he told a lovely story that he wanted his café to be homey and relaxing, to be a place where friends and family come to hangout and take it easy. So indigo is the color that gives that feeling so he picked the name.

KRAM is a two-stories retro white house surrounded by simple lovely garden. It is decorated with light color wooded furniture and handmade fabrics. I like the ambience of this restaurant; it feels like you are having a meal at your relative’s home.

Kram Cafe 3

The kitchen serves classic Thai dishes. Before I went to KRAM, I had my mind fixed on แกงคั่วปูใบชะพลู Gaeng Kua Poo Bai Chaploo (curry with crabmeat and wild betel leaf) becuase I read many positive reviews of this dish in this place. I was satisfied and was not surprised when the owner told me that this curry was their best seller. I recommend you to also order ปลาสลิดทอด Plaa Salit Tord (Fried Gourami fish), the fish is perfectly crispy and compliment the curry very well.

Kram Cafe 2

Kram Cafe

Another dish I like is ใบเหลียงผัดไข่ Bai Liang Pad Khai (Stir-fried melinjo with eggs and dried shrimps) , this vegetable is grown in Southern Thailand so it is not easy to find in Bangkok. It is quite firm and thick texture and sweet.

My favourite dessert here is their home-made Thai tea ice cream. It is rich and creamy. Delish!

The price is reasonable and the staff is friendly. Whenever I want to find a relaxing place with good Thai food, this place always come to my mind.

Kram Cafe 4


Venue: 113 Soi Pop Mhit, Sukhumvit Soi 39, Bangkok, Thailand

 Phone: 02-258-8170, 092-938-6690

Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30-10pm; Sat-Sun 11am-11pm


7. White Flower Factory ครัวดอกไม้ขาว



White Flower Factory offers great variety of Thai food.

The first branch of the restaurant on Bam Rung Mueang road has been operating for more than 30 years. I really wanted to visit the White Flower Factory for a love time as I was told by many of my friends that the food was very nice. I didn’t have a chance because it is too far from where I live until the new branch opened next to Siam station. My first meal here was impressive and I keep going back, this place is also my choice to bring visitors from abroad to taste authentic Thai food.



This restaurant also specializes in pastries, and a lot of people come just for that with a coffee or tea (they have a great selection of fine tea).

The atmosphere is nice. I love modern decoration and high ceiling. The service is discreet.

I would recommend you to avoid going to this place at lunch time during weekend if you don’t like to wait for a long time to get a table.


Venue: 4th floor , Siam Square One building, Rama I Road (Opposite Siam Center shopping mall)

Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00

Tel : 02-252-2646-7

8. Khao Jao ข้าวจ้าว

Khao Jao (ข้าวเจ้า) is a Thai word  translated as Thai long grain rice.

When I first discovered Khao Jao, I thought this was a wonderful surprise! Because the food is decent and the price is pretty cheap taking its location in the midst of Thonglor where many high end restaurants are located.

It has a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere. You can go in T-shirt, shorts and flip flop like going to eat at a friend’s house. It is a good place for easy lunch and dinner.

Khao Jao interior is decorated in a funky, shabby chic style. The floor and furnitures are made of reclaimed wood. The wall features various funky tchotchkes from “Hello Kitty” to grandma’s tea kettles.


My personal favourite dish is ผัดคะน้าปลาเค็ม Phad Khana Pla Kem (chinese broccoli with salted fish) and one of my all-time favorite Thai dishes คั่วกลิ้ง  Khua Kling (herbal, stir-fried minced chicken) and a spicy แกงไตปลา Gaeng Dtai Plaa (dark stew like curry filled with carrots and yams and flavored with salty fish kidney).



Venue: Soi Thonglor 17 , Sukhumvit 55 Road, Bangkok, Thailand

You could take a skytrain to Thonglor station, then take a taxi.

Opening Hours: daily 10am-8:30pm. Close every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Phone: 02-712-5665

 9. Supanniga Eating Room by Khunyai (ห้องทานข้าวสุพรรณิการ์ สูตรคุณยาย)


I would like to hear what your favourite Thai restaurants are, kindly share with me in the comment section.

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  1. Saiyed Hyder 04/01/2016 at 18:00 #

    White Flower Factory is definitely a good choice…food is really delicious though bit pricey…there are two more eateries…i) Ban Khun Mae at Siam area, near Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok and ii) Ruan Khun Lui at the basement of Tesco Lotus at Praram 9, near Fortune tower & hotel…please try these & i hope you won’t be disappointed.

    • Mod 13/01/2016 at 21:30 #

      Thank you for your suggestion. 🙂

  2. Saiyed Hyder 03/01/2016 at 18:11 #

    My wife, daughter & I tried one of your recommended Thai eateries, White Flower Factory, lately, Khun Mod…and our experience was good, the food was delicious..but just a small tip to other who wish to go there in the future…please try to be there about 7 – 8 pm, otherwise if you reach there late, say around 8:30 or 9 pm, the staff may rush you to finish your food quickly…and you may not enjoy your food properly…

    Khun Mod…did you ever try “Ban Khun Mae” at Siam area, near Hard Rock Cafe & also not that far from White Flower Factory…i think their food is also very good. And there is also anothet Thai restaurant, “Ruan Khun Lui” at the basement of Tesco Lotus in Praram 9 (adjacent to Fortune Tower / Hotel). Please visit them, if possible..i hope you may like their food. Thank you…best of luck…Happy New Year!!! Thai

    • Mod 13/01/2016 at 21:32 #

      Thank you for your tip for White Flower Factory. Yes, I have been to Ban Khun Mae once a while ago, I had a good meal. 🙂

  3. Dan Moey 05/06/2015 at 01:02 #

    Thanks Khun Mod, I shall try out some of your recommended restaurants when I am next in Bangkok…..

  4. limkahwan 16/10/2014 at 20:20 #

    Just looking at these picture makes me hungry, I keep my fingers cross that I will visit these place very soon. Thank you very much for sharing, keep up your good work.
    Khra krom krap….

  5. Richard 24/09/2014 at 10:40 #

    watching all the food gives me so many ideas, i would definitely visit these places when i am in bangkok – soon i hope.

  6. tokyojoe 24/05/2013 at 09:48 #

    I will try Gedhawa on your recommendation. Thanks for your work teaching Thai. I know what you meant when you said your experience was ‘warm and homely’. But you meant to say homey. Homely has a completely different meaning….(unattractive or ugly).

    • Linda 13/08/2013 at 03:42 #

      Sorry to say but that is incorrect! Homely is the correct adjective in this instance for describing an establishent’s atmosphere as cosy and comfortable. It does not usually mean unattractive or ugly! The word ‘homely’ when used to describe a woman might be considered somewhat negative!The word ‘homey’ does not exist as a replacement for homely.

    • Sean 24/09/2014 at 00:13 #

      Homely to a British person means (of a place or surroundings) simple but cozy and comfortable, as in one’s own home.

      Only Americans use it to mean (of a person) unattractive in appearance.

  7. Kevin 27/02/2013 at 18:21 #

    We tried Patara on your advice. Got there around 3 p.m. They were closed but happened to be shooting a food ad in the bar and invited us in. My wife was carrying our infant, we had walked through the midday heat, and we were a mess. They insisted on accommodating us and kept the kitchen open for us. They could not have been nicer and the food was outstanding. I’ll gladly go back any time. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Kazi Sabina Arju 24/11/2012 at 20:09 #

    hi, kruu Mod thank you very much for your suggestion. i really love thai food specially pad thai from thonglor, thats a small shop but i forget the soi. also love sticky mango rice from sukumvit soi 38.

  9. อาหารไทย 19/11/2012 at 15:50 #

    อาหารน่าทานจังครับ ไม่ทราบว่าเจ้าของบล็อคเคยลองไปทานที่ร้านอาหาร สามเสนวิลล่า รึยังครับ ที่นั่นก็เก่าแก่ เปิดมากว่า 30 ปีแล้วครับ ยำถั่วพู กับหมูสะเต๊ะชาววังอร่อยมากครับ

    • Mod 19/11/2012 at 16:15 #

      ยังไม่เคยไปทานเลยค่ะ ขอบคุณนะคะที่แนะนำ มดอยากจะติดต่อคุณเจ้าของร้านหรือผู้จัดการร้านไปรีวิวอาหารได้มั้ยคะ

  10. Keith 16/11/2012 at 07:52 #

    ร้านอาหารร้านแรกที่ผมทานอาหารในประเทษไทนคือ ต้นเครื่อง อยู่บนถนนทองหล่อ มียำหัวปลีเหมือนกันครับ

    • Mod 16/11/2012 at 09:08 #

      มดไม่เคยไปร้านต้นเครื่องค่ะคุณคีธ แต่เคยได้ยินชื่อ มดจะไปลองยำหัวปลีที่นั่นค่ะ 🙂

      *ประเทศไทย นะคะ 😉

  11. Ben 16/11/2012 at 01:13 #

    wow, you are great! Thank you for all help you give. 🙂

  12. Sev 15/11/2012 at 01:21 #

    I would love to see a guide to vegetarian Thai restaurants!

    • Joh 04/01/2015 at 03:56 #

      . . . or at least if vegetarian dishes are available at the restaurants you review.

      • Mod 05/03/2015 at 10:44 #

        สวัสดีค่ะคุณจอห์น I am sorry for my late response. For some reason I have forgotten about my WordPress setting that I have to approve all comments before they show on my site, and I just remembered that and saw a lot of pending comments now!ขอโทษค่ะ

        Regarding the vegetarian restaurant, I recommend “คุณเชิญ Khun Churn Thai Vegetarian Cuisine”. It is located on ground floor in Mediplex centre building next to Ekamai BTS Station (Sukummvit 42). I don’t usually like vegetarian food to be honest, but this place is very good!! It changed my view of vegan food totally. They just opened a new shop in Food center called Eat Thai in Central Embassy shopping (Pleon Chit staion). When you have a chance to try it, please let me know what you think. 🙂

        Hope all is well with you.

      • Mod 05/03/2015 at 10:48 #

        And White Flower Factory restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes. 🙂

  13. Tim 15/11/2012 at 01:04 #

    Thanks a lot, Kru Mod !!! That looks and sounds really yummy yummy. In two weeks i will be back in Bangkok and i’ll try some of your recommendations! :-)))) Tim

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