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Thai Coins come in six denominations: 10, 5, 2, 1 Baht, and 25 and 50 Satang

One Baht is divisible into 100 Satang.

The 10-Baht coin is a silver ring with a brass center. The coin replaced a 10-Baht bill in the early 1990’s.

The back of the 10-Baht coin depicts Wat Arun (วัดอรุณ) in Bangkok.

The diameter is 26 mm.

The 5-Baht coin is slightly smaller than the 10-Baht coin (24mm). The reverse features Wat Benjamabophit (วัดเบญจมบพิตร) or the Marble Temple.

The 2-Baht coin has two designs.

The new 2-baht coin design is in brass color. It features H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, on the obverse. The reverse design depicts the Golden Mountain at Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan in Bangkok.

The original two-baht coin was minted 2005-2007, but it is still in used. It looks similar to one-Baht coin so many people write number two on the coin to prevent the mix up. The diameter is 21.75 mm.

The one-Baht coin is silver(20mm). The back of the one-Baht coin displays the chedis of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

The  fifty-satang coin is copper. It’s currency unit equivalent to one-half of one Thai baht. The back features the chedi at Wat Prathat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. The diameter is 18mm.

The 25-Satang piece is a tiny brass coin (16mm).

*Both the 25- and 50-Satang coins are mostly used in supermarkets and convenience stores like  7-Eleven.


Learning point: Ngern (เงิน) is Thai for silver as well as the general term for money, reflecting the fact that the baht (or tical) is foremost a unit of weight for precious metals and gemstones.

coin in Thai is called เหรียญ /rĭan/.


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Have you ever confused the Thai coin denominations?



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21 Responses to Thai money – Coins

  1. Sudha 10/01/2018 at 10:08 #

    Can I bring few coins from Bangkok to india

    • Mod 20/03/2018 at 18:36 #

      Of course! you can. 🙂

  2. Linda R Frost 01/01/2018 at 03:47 #

    Us value of a 10 baht.coin ?

    • Mod 25/03/2018 at 10:27 #

      According to the exchange rate today (25 Mar 2018), 10 THB = 0.320564 USD
      (1 THB = 0.0320564 USD)

  3. lynne 12/12/2017 at 12:26 #

    very helpful, k. mod!

    please can you show pic of 50 satang coin – na ka!

    • Mod 28/12/2017 at 18:54 #

      Thank you for your comment. I will add a picture of the coin as requested shortly. Let me find it.

  4. jordan 08/11/2017 at 19:57 #

    i have a 10 baht coin silver centre is gold!.. i ask if my coin have a value?? thanks im from philippines

  5. Anders 04/09/2017 at 20:10 #

    This is amazing! Yesterday I found a 2 bath coin in my town called “Grenaa” here in Denmark, and it had blue marker on it, excatly like the one in the picture!!! :O
    I don’t know where Mod is located, but it is crazy that I found the excact same coin as in the picture 😀

    • Mod 06/09/2017 at 15:33 #

      Thank you for your comment. I thought those 2 Baht coins are all gone. We have a new coin now. I should update the article.
      By the way, I am located in Bangkok. 🙂

      • Anders 15/09/2017 at 19:22 #

        Thank you for your answer. It is crazy to think that the specific coin in the picture has traveled that far 🙂

  6. pop 19/11/2014 at 23:12 #

    what is 5 baht coin worth?

    • Mod 05/03/2015 at 11:01 #

      5 Baht is about 0.15 U.S. dollars.

      • Rene 15/02/2017 at 20:06 #

        Hi whats the value of a 5 baht coin now in dollars and rand value

        • Mod 09/04/2017 at 11:08 #

          Accoridng to, 5 THB = 0.144404 USD.

  7. brandi branch 16/11/2014 at 09:35 #

    i have a 5 baht thai coin but the front looks the same & the reverse is round with an edge that raises up instead of octagon shaped & is sunk in. it looks like it has actually been stamped into the front side it even has an edge on the rim side of the coin like two coins pressed together. i have found no error coins like this & would. like a little advice if you could help me. thAnks

  8. Amla Sirsi 18/10/2014 at 10:08 #

    How to decipher the year on coin?
    Pls explain digits.
    nice site !

  9. mokong 03/10/2014 at 07:38 #

    I’m agree with Mr.Lee comment, Thai coins are not silver. They’re steel, copper or brass.
    Some 50 cents or satang are steel plated with copper so it’s not a copper either.

  10. Roger Lee 26/12/2013 at 18:54 #

    The ten baht coin has a silver colored ring; not silver metal. The one baht coin is not made out of silver. They are either steel or aluminum. Run a magnet over a one baht coin and you will quickly see if it is steel or aluminum. If any of these coins were made from silver metal, they would be worth much more than one baht. Whenever a metal exceeds the value of the coin minted, that coin disappears from circulation, and governments replace the metal with a less valuable alternative.
    U.S. coins before 1964 contained silver, but since that time they do not.

    Watch the price of copper. When it goes up significantly – as some predict – the 50 satang coin will be made from another less valuable metal, and your copper coins will be worth more than 50 satang from a copper dealer, who will melt them down. If the metal of a coin goes up very quickly to a high level, the government may try to confiscate the coins, and force you to exchange them for coins of a different metal. During World War 2 in the U.S., copper pennies were replaced with ones made of zinc.
    By the way, if you think that an aluminum one baht coin is silver, try this: Silver conducts heat better than any other metal, much better than aluminum. Hold a one baht coin between your thumb and index finger and run the edge through a candle flame. The aluminum coin will feel warm, but you can still hold it. If it were silver, you would have to drop it immediately because the heat would flow through it from the candle flame very quickly.

  11. fred 20/12/2013 at 22:58 #

    can I pee on a coin?

  12. Richard 18/11/2012 at 10:53 #

    Very nice site!
    Thank you.

  13. Aeeda 01/09/2012 at 07:39 #

    Please friends. Remember don’t disrespect by drawing on coin!

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