New Year Thai greeting and wishes

Sawatdee ka,

New Year 2012 is approaching in less than two weeks, so let’s learn how to greet your Thai friends and love ones on New Year. Also learn how to give wishes like a Thai.

From the video, you can apply giving wishes expression on any occasion, weather it is birthday, farewell, wedding etc. Let’s have a look at the pattern again

kăw-hâi + a wish

I cut a short clip from a song that uses this pattern. Please listen to the song and see the explanation.

Please see below three sentences that use wishing pattern.

[1] ใครสบายสบาย ขอให้สบายไม่หยุดไม่หย่อน

krai sà-baai sà-baai kăw-hâi sà-baai mâi yùt mâi yòrn

= anyone who is well, I wish you continue to be well.
VOCABULARY : ไม่หยุดไม่หย่อน [mâi yùt mâi yòrn] means continuously, non stop, incessantly

[2] ใครที่ไม่สบายให้หายดี

krai têe mâi sà-baai hâi hăai-dee

= anyone who is unwell, I wish you recover.

*In this phrase the word “kăw” is dropped because it is lyrics. We don’t drop it when we speak.*
VOCABULARY : หาย/ หายดี [ hăai/hăai-dee] means get well, to recover, be cured

[3] ใครที่ไม่มีงานขอให้มีงานเข้ามาเร็วๆ

krai têe mâi mee ngaan kăw-hâi mee ngaan kâo maa reo-reo

= anyone who doesn’t have a job, I wish you have a new job soon.
VOCABULARY : งาน [ngaan] means work, job
เข้า [kâo] means approach, enter

There is another well known song among Thai people that use wishing phrase in the lyrics. Please listen to the music clip and see the explanation below the clip.

The lyrics are as follows;

ขอให้รวย ขอให้รวย ที่มาช่วยงานบุณวันนี้
Kăw-hâi ruai Kăw-hâi ruai têe maa chûai ngaan boon wan-née
= I wish you to be rich, I wish you to be rich as you came to help the religious ceremony today.
VOCABULARY : รวย [ruai] means to be rich
ช่วย [chûai] means to help
งานบุญ [ngaan-boon] means religious ceremony

ให้โชคดี โชคดี สุขเกษมเปรมปรีดิ์ ขอให้รวย ขอให้รวย
Hâi chók-dee chók-dee sùk gà-sĕm bprem bree Kăw-hâi ruai Kăw-hâi ruai
= I wish you good luck, happiness. I wish you to be rich, I wish you to be rich.
VOCABULARY : สุขเกษมเปรมปรีดิ์ [sùk gà-sĕm bprem bree] means happiness and joy (formal term)

I hope you found this lesson useful, and you can bring it to use in your real life:)

kăw-hâi chôk dee kâ


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  1. ranvier 26/12/2011 at 23:01 #

    Thank you for sharing! This is a fun way of learning and i hope you can come up with more of such similar stuff in the future.

  2. Marni ;) 17/12/2011 at 20:08 #

    Kruu Mod ka,
    ‘mai yiu mai yorn’ plae wa-arai?

    • Mod 17/12/2011 at 23:41 #

      ไม่หยุดไม่หย่อน [mâi yùt mâi yòrn] = continuously, non stop, incessantly 🙂

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