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kanom krok

Kanom Krok (Thai Coconut Pudding)

  Kanom Krok is Thai sweet and savory dessert commonly found on streetside throughout Thailand. Kanom Krok is prepared in a cast iron pan with small round indents in it (กระทะขนมครก gra-ta kanom krok). Usually the pan is placed directly over charcoal in a round clay oven. Kanom krok has two layers; bottom layer and […]

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Mod & Pear

How to Order a Thai Noodle Soup Dish

How to order noodles There are a variety of noodle dishes available in Thailand ranging between dry dishes and soup dishes. They are widely available everywhere in the Kingdom. It can be considered the Fast Food of choice for the majority of Thai people. I want to talk about how to order noodle dishes in […]

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Stir-Fried Chinese Water Morning Glory – Pad Pak Bung Fai Daeng (ผัดผักบุ้งไฟแดง)

Sawatdee ka, I am a big meat eater, I don’t think I can become a vegetarian but like they say ‘you never know’.  Anyway, for now I always have to have some kind of meat in my meal, I don’t like to eat only vegetable but one dish I can just eat it on its own […]

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Mod’s food recommendation: Thai Hot Pot (Jim Jum)

A fantastic way to relax over dinner with a few friends. A small clay pot filled with an outstanding aromatic broth sits over a bed of charcoal. There are raw morning glory , cabbage , thin sliced meats (usually pork, beef and liver), beaten eggs, glass noodles, and the all important holy Thai basil. This […]

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