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15 Common Thai Superstitions and Beliefs

  If you are familiar with the Thai culture or have Thai friends, I am sure you know that all Thai people are grown up with superstitious beliefs and taboos. Some are still believed to be true, and some are now used to tease friends. Although I don’t really believe in any superstitions, I think these are worth sharing. 1. […]

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Thailand Madly in Love with Valentine’s Day

Sawatdii ka, Love is in the air, Valentine’s day is coming. Valentine’s Day is an excuse for shopping, eating out, gimmicks and, of course, getting married. A large number of couples are expected to queue to register their marriages at municipal offices in Bangkok’s district of Bang Rak (บางรัก), which translates as the “love district,” […]

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Thai Traditional Wedding Ceremony – Counting the Dowry

Thai marriage at large and definitely the ceremony of Traditional Thai Wedding interlinked with an ancient tradition called sinsod (สินสอด). A custom of paying a dowry (dowery) to compensate a family of bride “for mother’s milk”. A concept of sinsod was initially brought in to ensure that one’s daughter does not marry below her potential standing […]

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Welcome to Thailand

Hi everyone, As a Thai person I think the landmark of Thailand is not beaches, mountains or waterfalls but it is ‘Thai smile’ 🙂 The nickname of Thailand is ‘the land of smile’. The minute that you step a foot in the country I am sure the first thing that you will see is a lovely […]

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