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Learn Thai – I Can Do It!

    Which steps have you reached today? วันนี้คุณอยู่ที่ขั้นบันไดไหน /wan-níi kun yùu tîi kán ban-dai năi?/ ขั้นบันได / kán ban-dai/ steps ไหน / năi?/ Which? (more…)

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Learn Thai – fruit

I got a question on my Facebook page asking how to say ‘apple juice’ in Thai. You can add the word น้ำ ‘náam’ meaning ‘water’ in front of any kind of fruit, and you get the word that particular fruit juice. For example; apple in Thai is แอปเปิ้ล /áb-bpêrn/; apple juice is น้ำแอปเปิ้ล /náam áb-bpêrn/ Watch this […]

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Learn Thai – Do something “for” someone & other “for”

“For” can be translated to a few different words in Thai language. 1. “ให้ hâi” used in the pattern “do something for somebody” (more…)

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Learn Thai from Olympics

Sawatdee ka,   Are you a sport fan? I don’t usually watch sport games, but once every four years I always follow Olympic games especially when Thailand is competing. Let’s learn a Thai word used for encouragement, shall we? Thai people say สู้ๆ [Sûu Sûu] to give encouragement.  สู้ [sûu] means to fight, it is like […]

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VIDEO: Shopping like a Thai

Sawatdee ka,   I think when you visit Thailand the activity you cannot miss is shopping, am I right? and we know that the prices seem to be higher for tourists. Let’s learn how to negotiate the price, or suggest the price. This video shows you how we do exactly that.   Key phrases: Asking […]

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Learn Thai – Cheers!

Sawatdee ka, I posted a question on my Facebook page asking ” Do you know what “cheers!” is in Thai?”, and I got many different answers as showed below: – ชน [chon] literally means crash against, bump against, knock against. It is also commonly used for “cheers!”.  Many times we say the word เอ้า! [âo!] before […]

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Thai Traditional Wedding Ceremony – Water Pouring

  พิธีหลั่งน้ำพระพุทธมนต์ (Water pouring)  The water pouring is the most important part of the Thai wedding ceremony as during this part the couple officially become husband (สามี [saa-mee]) and wife (ภรรยา [pan-ra-ya]). Traditionally, this was all that was required to validify the marriage, but nowadays the couple are also required to obtain a marriage certificate […]

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