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Krabi Getaway

I grew up in the south and maybe that is the reason why I can’t be away from the sea for so long. I often go to Koh Samed and Hua Hin for a long weekend because it is close to Bangkok, but my favourite beach destination is Southern Thailand. There are many islands with […]

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The Reasons Why You Want to Visit Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s premier beach resort towns on the Gulf of Thailand. It is located less than 200 km south of Bangkok, making it one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations for city residents. “Huahin” pronounced “ Hua – Hin “ หัว Hua in Thai means head and หิน Hin means […]

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Top 4 of Thailand’s Best Unspoilt Islands

Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world and it brings millions of people to Thailand each year (over 15 million tourists in year 2014).  It might be difficult if you want to to get away from the crowds, but you can still find quiet, unspoilt beaches on which to relax and enjoy the nature. 🙂 Here are my Top 4 […]

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Constitution Day

December 10th marks the Constitution Day, in Thai is “wan rat-ta-tam-ma-noon” (วันรัฐธรรมนูญ) which is held annually to commermorate the advent of the regime of Constitutional Monarchy in Thailand At the start of the 1930s, Thailand (then called ‘*สยาม Siam‘) was suffering economically from the effects of the great depression. The king at the time was Rama […]

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Father’s Day in Thailand

One of the most important days in Thailand is Father’s day (วันพ่อแห่งชาติ, wan-pôr-hàng-châart) It is celebrated on December 5 which is the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (วันเฉลิมพระชนมพรรษา, wan-chà-lěrm-prá-chon-má-pan-săa), the monarch of Thailand. King’s birthday is a national holiday and is celebrated all over the country.  December 5, 2015 is the King’s 88th Birthday Anniversary. His […]

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Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

Koh Tao [เกาะเต่า] or Turtle island is a small island in Thailand located near the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It is located 45 kms north of Samui island in Surat Thani province and 40 kms east of Chumphon province. Koh Tao was once a detention place for political prisoners, but today it is one […]

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Wat chedi Luang

4 Days in Chiang Mai Diary

I am taking a mini holiday in Chiang Mai for four days. (In case you haven’t heard of Chiang Mai, it is a culturally and historically interesting city in Northern Thailand. It is surrounded by mountains and lush countryside) I have been here a couple of times before, but didn’t have a chance to explore much. This […]

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The real color of the mother ocean.No filter, no edit.

Paradise Found at The Surin Islands

I am a beach person and I like to be by the sea and explore islands. I have been to several beach destinations in Thailand; Koh Chang in Trat, Koh Samet Rayong, Koh Lan in Pattaya, Koh Si Chang in Chonburi ,  Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Samui in Suratthani, Koh Phi Phi […]

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Phu Kradueng

Awesome Jump Shot Photos

Did you know that Thai people always do “the jump shot”?. It’s exactly what it sounds like, you jump in the air and get someone else to take a photo of you looking fabulously awesome and happy. Here are some of my Jump Shot photos: This is in Phu Kradueng National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติภูกระดึง)       Beach […]

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Adventure Park in Pattaya

I’ve visited Pattya on numerous occasions – to see what walking street is like, to enjoy great seafood, and to visit Lan island also the amazing Sanctury of Truth. Recently I just discovered that this city didn’t have just beaches, islands or busy streets. There is also an adventure park in the forest that I never thought would […]

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Be Wild – Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National park อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาใหญ่ is one of the popular destinations among Thai people for a short getaway including myself. It is just 3 hours drive by car from bustling Bangkok to a pristine rainforest, home to a huge array of interesting wildlife. Khao Yai established in 1962, was Thailand’s first national park covering 2,168 […]

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Wan Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent Day)

Sawatdee ka, Wan Khao Phansa [วันเข้าพรรษา: wan kâo pan-săa]  is a period of three lunar months during the rainy season when monks are required to remain in one particular place or temple [วัด: wát]. This year it runs from July 31st to October 27th 2015 (Wan Awk Pansa : วันออกพรรษา). This tradition originates from old times when Buddha […]

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เกาะเสม็ด Samet island

Samet island (or Samed ) (เกาะเสม็ด) is a is part of Khao Laem Ya-Mu Ko Samet National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาแหลมหญ้า-หมู่เกาะเสม็ด) in Rayong province, approximately 220 km southeast of Bangkok. The island is located about seven kilometers from the main land, in the Gulf of Thailand. Samet is always my first choice when I want to have a short break from busy […]

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Chakri Day วันจักรี

 Eeach year the April 6th marks the Chakri Memorial Day celebration in Thailand. This day commemorates the founding of the present Thailand dynasty, House of Chakri (ราชวงศ์จักรี) in 1782. Chakri dynasty was founded by its first king, Phra BuddhaYodfa Chulaloke or King Rama I. (พระบาทสมเด็จพระพุทธยอดฟ้าจุฬาโลกมหาราช) History Prior to the establishment of Chakri Dynasty, the Kingdom of […]

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Learn Thai from Visakha Bucha Day

Sawatdee ka, Today is one of the most important day for Buddhist people. It is Visakha Bucha Day (วันวิสาขบูชา) which marks the three important incidents in the life of Lord Buddha(พระพุทธเจ้า) on the same day. Read more about it here: This year is very special since it is the 2,600th anniversary of Lord Buddha achieving enlightenment. Thai people call […]

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King Chulalongkorn’s Day

Sawatdee ka, Today is one of most important days for Thai people. On 23rd of October of every year is “Chulalongkorn Day” or “Piyamaharaj Day” วันปิยมหาราช It is the day that our King Chulalongkorn, or King Rama V, passed away. He is considered one of the greatest kings of Thailand. The most important thing he did was […]

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