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Ancient Thai Desserts You Should Try

  I helped my mom making these ancient Thai desserts. The colorful one on the right is called “ขนมสัมปันนี Khanom Sam Pan Nee” which is made of tapioca flour, coconut cream and sugar. The golden dessert is called “ขนมทองเอก Khanom Thong Ake”. It is made of wheat flour, egg yolks and sugar. One special thing about these […]

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Before going home, I bought some vegetable and fruit from these two lovely ladies.

Klong Lat Mayom: the Authentic Bangkok Floating Market

There are many floating markets around Thailand. I enjoy being by the water so I have visited to many of them. Most of the nice floating markets are outside Bangkok which is too far for a day trip. I was happy to find Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำคลองลัดมะยม), which is less known than the […]

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Food Review: Paleo Meal in Bangkok

I have never heard of Paleo food before until one day I went to a Bangkok’s farmer market in K-Village in the city’s downtown and bought a small portion to test. It was delicious but then I forgot about this concept of diet. I have been practicing yoga in the past two years and I […]

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VIDEO: Eat Like A Thai 101

  Understanding how Thai people eat provides a greater understanding of the food and people. Here are a few tips on how to eat like the Thais do. In the West, food is brought out in a certain order: Appetiser, Main Dish, and Dessert. In Thailand, there are really only two courses in a Thai […]

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My Top 9 Favourite Thai Restaurants in Bangkok

  1. The Local by Oamthong Thai cuisine A 70 – year old house turned into a Thai heritage restaurant. I really like the traditional Thai atmosphere with history and culture beautifully painted on the walls, and the fact that I can enjoy my meal in the comfort of rattan chairs and a Thai silk cushion. […]

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Thai-Style Ice-cream

One of the best ways to beat the heat in Thailand is by eating ice-cream. There were not a lot of dairy products in the old time, so Thai people began to make “ice cream” from coconut milk (ไอศกรีมกะทิสด /i-sà-griim gà-tí-sòt/ or ไอติมกะทิสด /i-dtim gà-tí-sòt/ ). Even now, when dairy products are available in Thailand, the […]

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Sala Rattanakosin 1

My Favourite Riverside Thai Restaurants

I love to eat out because I am working in my home office all day long, but I don’t like to spend a lot of time traveling to a place to eat so I usually go to a restaurant in Sukhumvit area where it can be reached by sky train or a short taxi ride […]

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The King of Fruits – Durian

It is Durian season in Thailand (around April – June). I have seen a lot of Durian everywhere at the markets and street vendors now.  Durian is widely known in  southeast Asia as the “king of fruits” (ราชาผลไม้). It is a fruit like no other. We usually think of fruit as light and fresh, but […]

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Leaf-wrapped Tidbits – Miang Kam

Sawatdee ka, Yesterday, I went for  lunch at a Thai restaurant in Silom road, and they served customers complimentary Miang Kam. I was very happy because I  haven’t had Miang Kam for a very long time. I used to eat it a lot when I was a kid. เมี่ยงคำ Miang Kam is a traditional Thai […]

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“Chaw Muang” (Steamed Dumplings with Fish Meat Filling)

The traditional Thai delicacies, “ขนมช่อม่วง Khanom Chaw Muang” (Steamed Dumplings with Fish Meat Filling).  ช่อ /châw/ means ‘bouquet or bunch’ , ม่วง /mûang/ means ‘purple’. Each dumpling is handcrafted with perfection into a rose petal for the appearance, while the taste of this appetizer is not outdone by its exterior. The dough, sticky yet soft, is […]

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Khao rat gaeng

Eat Like A Thai – Khao Rat Gaeng

  One of the things we love so much about Thailand is the abundance of delicious food everywhere from luxury to basic street food. One common way to dine in Thailand is going to a khao Raat Gaeng stall which are everywhere in Thailand. ข้าวราดแกง /kâao râad gaeng/ is what thai call the dishes that are […]

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Or Tor Kor Market – The Best Fresh Market in Thailand

Last weekend I had a memorable Thai dinner at Nahm (The only Thai restaurant that was awarded the World’s 50 Best Restaurants), I read his interview and learned that he got his ingredients from Bangkok’s Or Tor Kor market near the famous Chatuchak weekend market. I have been to Chatuchak hundreds of time, but I have never made […]

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Kai Mot Dang

Exotic Thai Food: Spicy Raw Ant Eggs Salad

I am from Southern Thailand, but I love to eat Isan food (Northeastern Thai food), I believe all Thai do. Northeastern Thai street vendors or restaurants are in every corner of Thailand. The food of Isan is very hot and flavored with pungent herbs and seasonings. The common Isan dishes you perhaps have tried or […]

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Nahm : The Only Thai Restaurant in Top 50 Restaurants in the World

I had a couple of guests from abroad who have never had Thai food before though they have traveled to Thailand more than five times. This year, I persuaded them to explore Thai cuisine successfully. I was thinking where would be the BEST place for my guests and Nahm was my choice. I heard its’ […]

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My Top 5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Bangkok

Bangkok may not be in the list of the most romantic places in the world, but there sure are a few spots that are suitable for your romantic moment with your special date. Here is the list of options to help you get the sweetest time: Red Sky: On special occasion, I like to dine under the […]

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kanom krok

Kanom Krok (Thai Coconut Pudding)

  Kanom Krok is Thai sweet and savory dessert commonly found on streetside throughout Thailand. Kanom Krok is prepared in a cast iron pan with small round indents in it (กระทะขนมครก gra-ta kanom krok). Usually the pan is placed directly over charcoal in a round clay oven. Kanom krok has two layers; bottom layer and […]

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Thai dessert - Kanom Chan

9 Auspicious Thai Desserts

I have a sweet-tooth. I like all kind of desserts, western and Thai. Recently, I just found a store near my house selling my childhood Thai sweets called ฝอยทอง Foy Tong. I was so happy and have been going back to buy it almost every week (that means more exercise too!). Anyway, I was thinking […]

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Chinatown Bangkok (Yaowarat)

Bangkok’s Chinatown is known among Thai people as “เยาวราช Yaowarat”. It has been the main center for trading by the Chinese community for more than 200 years. There are many small streets and alleys full of shops and street vendors selling all types of goods – Chinese herbs, clothes, gold etc.  Yaowarat comes alive each evening after dusk, and it […]

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Southern Thai Dishes and my Favorite Place to Eat Them in Bangkok

  Did you know that I am a Southern girl? Actually I am a mix – my mom is from Nakhon Si Thammarat and my dad is from Pichit, but I was born in Bangkok and grew up in my mom’s hometown so I grew up with Southern Thai food. Southern cooking tend to be […]

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Sticky Rice Burgers

Today I was craving for a beef burger so I went to Mos Burger in a shopping mall in my neighborhood and order Yakiniku Burger. When the burger arrived I was surprised that I didn’t see the softy buns but  two round disks of sticky rice! I realized later that it was my own mistake that I […]

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