VIDEO: 5 Useful Phrases for Talking to a Native Thai

We have learned so many Thai lessons and you want to use it in real life with a native. However sometimes some Thai people speak too fast and you don’t quite sure what they are saying. Let’s practice these few phrases so you can continue your conversation with them smoothly.


  1. I am sorry, I don’t understand.

ขอโทษครับ ผมไม่เข้าใจครับ

kăw-tôot kráp , pŏm mâi kâo-jai

ขอโทษค่ะ ชั้นไม่เข้าใจค่ะ

kăw-tôot kâ , pŏm mâi kâo-jai kâ


2. I can speak Thai a little bit.


pŏm pûud paa-săa tai dâai nít-nòi


pŏm pûud paa-săa tai dâai nít-nòi


3. Can you speak slowly please?


chûai pûut cháa-cháa nòi dâai-mâi kráp/ká?


4. Can you say again please?


chûai pûut ìik-kráng nòi dâai-mâi kráp/ká


5. What does it mean?


bplae-wâa à-rai kráp/ká?


We hope you find these phrases useful. Next time you want to start a conversation in Thai go for it! If you don’t understand you know what to say next.  🙂



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2 Responses to VIDEO: 5 Useful Phrases for Talking to a Native Thai

  1. SYLVAIN 31/03/2018 at 16:14 #

    “pûut cháa-cháa nòi si” does exist also?

    • Mod 03/04/2018 at 12:02 #

      Yes it does. “สิ sì” is a particle used when you make a command, it makes you sound less friendly and more direct.

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