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ถุง /tŭng/ means “bag”. It is a simple word but it is one of the commonly confused word as this word is used for bags that are used for shopping like plastic bag, paper bag, fabric bag or cloth bag. Many students misunderstand this word for bags like purse, suitcase or luggage which are actually called  “กระเป๋า grà-bpăo”.

We can combine the word ถุง /tŭng/ with several other words and get new meanings. I thought you might find them useful and interesting.

ถุง /tung/ + มือ /mue/ (hand) = gloves
ถุง /tung/ + เท้า /táao/ (foot) = socks
ถุง /tung/ + น่อง /nông/ (thigh) = stocking
ถุง /tung/ + ลม /lom/ (wind) = air sac
ถุง /tung/ + นอน /nawn/ (sleep) = sleeping bag
ถุง /tung/ + ยาง /yaang/ (rubber) = condom


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