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  1. Robert Michaelson 12/11/2014 at 02:54 #

    Khun Mod,
    Sawzdee Crap

    I just saw my first vidro of you. Very very good!
    This might sound silly but I told about 6 of my Thai fruends
    that I sm going to lesrn how to ding your national anthem!

    They all got excited and are waiting for me to show up and sing
    it for them…….even my dentist is waiting.

    so I did find it on youtube but they sing it so fast I cannot understand each word.
    What I need is the englisg phonetic spelling so I can listen to the dong and follow along.

    any suggestiins that might helo me

    so you know I love Thailand and all the wonderful people I have met here.
    I live in Chaing Mai for tge past 4 years niw

    khun Mod, Kap Khun Kap

    Robert Michaelson

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