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How to Order a Thai Noodle Soup Dish

How to order noodles There are a variety of noodle dishes available in Thailand ranging between dry dishes and soup dishes. They are widely available everywhere in the Kingdom. It can be considered the Fast Food of choice for the majority of Thai people. I want to talk about how to order noodle dishes in […]

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Lesson 4 – Thai Vowels

Sawatdee ka, There are 32 vowels in Thai language – 14 long vowels and 18 short vowels. Vowel in Thai is called สระ [sà-rà] Long vowel is called สระเสียงยาว [sà-rà sĭang yaao] Short vowel is called สระเสียงสั้น [sà-rà sĭang sân]   Here are all 32 vowels:     I usually recommend my students to start […]

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Lan island (Koh Lan)

Lan island (Thai: เกาะล้าน) is a beautiful small island located only seven kilometers off the shore of Pattaya. On my first visit to Koh Lan few years ago I couldn’t believe there was such a wonderful island next to a busy city like Pattaya. I felt like I found a rare gem, this is a […]

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Understand Thai pronouns “You”

Sawatdee ka, This lesson continues from my previous blog, Understand Thai pronouns for “I”. I would like to repeat again that age, social status, gender, the relationship between speakers, the formality of the situation and individual personality all play a part in helping Thai people to decide the most appropriate way to refer to themselves […]

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Learn Thai – hear or listen

Sawatee ka, I got a question from one of my Youtube viewers, and got this same question before several times. The question is “When do we use ฟัง/fang/  and ได้ยิน/dâi-yin/ ? (more…)

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Buffalo Village in Suphanburi

On weekends I like to explore the provinces neighboring Bangkok. I thought I have been to everywhere and one day my friend, whose mom come from Supanburi, asked me of I had been there. Since I have never visited this province before, I went there last weekend to explore the beautiful province. I truly recommend […]

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Expressing Thai congratulations and sympathy

Sawatdee ka,   Congratulations and sympathy can be expressed by using the word ‘happy’ and ‘sorry’ and followed by the final particles ด้วย/dûai/ [1] Expressing sympathy  We say เสียใจด้วยนะ [sĭa-jai dûai ná] เสียใจ  /sĭa-jai/ means ‘to be sad’ ด้วย /dûai/ is a particle used when 1) telling someone to do something 2) expressing congratulations and sympathy […]

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Learn Thai : I miss you

  I got a question from one of my YouTube viewers “Can you translate “do you know how much i miss you” to thai?” I guess many of you have Thai friends or loved ones here in Thailand while you are in another country, so this short lesson might be useful. คิดถึง /kít – tŭeang/ […]

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