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Thai numbers

Thai Numbers Both Thai and Arabic numbers are in common everyday use. This video shows the pronunciation of number 0 – 10:   Numbers 12-19 are formed regularly using sìp + UNIT ** Eleven is irregular, using èt instead of nùeng 11 sìp èt 12 sìp sŏng 13 sìp săam   Multiples of 10 up to 90 use sìp (‘ten’) […]

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Learn Thai – planning a date

Sawatdee ka,   This lesson we will learn how to plan a date. Before you go on a date there should be some planning, right? so we would need to ask for a suggestion. The key pattern is: Wh- question + “dii” ดี ?   When you put the word “dii” ดี after a question, it […]

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Learn Thai from Thai ad

Sawatdee ka, I have made a lesson from Thai ad before here and here. Now I have my new favorite Thai ad that I laugh every time I watch it.   There are only two sentences said in this ad which are: 1. หกโมงแล้ว [hòk moong láew] meaning ‘it’s 6 p.m. already’ (more…)

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Graduation ceremony in Thailand

Sawatdee ka, Yesterday my little brother Mink, who you saw in my several videos graduated from Law Faculty of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. My family, my relatives and I went to congratulate him and I would like to share some photos to show what the Thai graduation is like. For Government universities the graduates will be given […]

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Learn Thai – particle เลย [leoi]

There are several usage of the particle ‘leoi’ 1. เลย [leoi] is a particle used when you tell someone to do something immediately. In English it would be ‘go ahead’ For example: กินเลย [gin leoi] in English it would be  ‘please go ahead and eat now’ ไปเลย [bpai leoi]  in English it would be ‘go ahead’ […]

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ข้าวหลาม Khao Lam (Sticky rice in bamboo)

Sawatdee ka,   You all know that Thai people eat rice as a main dish, we have a lot of rice dishes. Did you know that we also eat rice from the bamboo? My parents came to visit me and they bought me Khao Lam (ข้าวหลาม: kâao lăam) which is actually a Thai dessert. Khao Lam is sticky […]

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Fishing in Bangkok Thailand

Sawatdee ka, If you have plenty of time and run out of ideas what to do in Bangkok, fishing would be another fun activity you can do. My friends brought me to “Bung Samran Fishing Park” (บึงสำราญ) for the first time in 2009. I wouldn’t have thought there would be a great fishing venue hidden away […]

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VIDEO: Shopping like a Thai

Sawatdee ka,   I think when you visit Thailand the activity you cannot miss is shopping, am I right? and we know that the prices seem to be higher for tourists. Let’s learn how to negotiate the price, or suggest the price. This video shows you how we do exactly that.   Key phrases: Asking […]

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Ayothaya Floating Market ตลาดน้ำอโยธยา

My family and I visited Ayutthaya since I was 10 years old, and most often we made a trip to the historical park. I still visit this historical town from time to time because it is only an hour away from Bangkok. The other day I saw my friends’ photos of the floating market so […]

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Thai Iced Tea Recipe

  I love to drink Thai iced tea or what Thai people call it “Chaa Yen” (ชาเย็น). It has a unique flavor, creamy and sweet with rich aroma. My mom came to visit me last week so I asked her to teach me how to make it. It is actually very easy! Let’s have a look at […]

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