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Learn Thai – Sepak Takraw

Sawatdii ka, Do you know Sepak Takraw? Last Satureday I saw a group of taxi motorcycle riders in my soi playing Sepak Takraw on the side of the street, so I thought I needed to find out more  about this and share in my blog. Sepak Takraw  (เซปักตะกร้อ) was created by the royal family of Malaysia about 500 years […]

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The rings tray made of banana leaves, Calotropis gigantea flowers and Globe amaranth.

VIDEO: Sweet Thai Words for Your Valentine’s Day ♥

sawatdii ka, Love is in the air, it is the month of LOVE.  I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some expressions that you could use on your lovely day or actually anyday;) Valentine’s day is the day of love so in Thai it is called “wan hàng  kwaam rák” วันแห่งความรัก 1. […]

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Speak like a Thai – Polite particle ‘jâ’

Sawatdii kâ, Thai language has a lot of polite particles. Today I would like to talk about the polite particle “jâ” (falling tone) จ้ะ. “jâ” used by adult male&femail speakers at the end of a statement when speaking to children and people of inferior status; between males and females denotes anything from easy familiarity to […]

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Visit a real Thai house

Sawasdii ka, The other day I went to a bookstore and a book with the bright yellow cover catched my eye, I picked it up and it was “Bangkok attractions” so I went through the book quickly but one place that got my interest the most was a place with the title “visit a real Thai […]

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